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s0metim3s on Wed, 27 Sep 2006 18:13:46 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> the matrix

A couple of excerpts from Gadi Algazi's, "Offshore Zionism" (New Left 
Review #40)

[cited from the Matrix website] Long distances, cultural and language 
differences, different time zones, as well as rising wages and high 
turnaround rates, all combine to reduce the attractiveness of 
development in these countries. To tackle the problem, Matrix has set up 
a development centre in Israel, employing a highly qualified workforce 
at competitive rates ... [At Talpiot], religious women gain employment 
in development centres close to their home, in a homogeneous environment 
that provides for their specific needs ... Because the religious 
population competing for the jobs faces relatively low living costs, 
Matrix is able to provide its local offshore outsourcing services to 
customers at prices similar to those in Far East countries, but with the 
advantages of ... geographic and cultural proximity. [...]

[And from the article] It has sometimes been suggested that the dynamic 
of capitalist modernization would compel Israel to abandon its 
attachment to old-style colonialism. The case of Matrix in Bil'in 
demonstrates that Israeli capitalism can be both colonial and digital, 
occupying both global markets and frontier settlements, campaigning both 
for unbridled privatization and for heavy government subsidies. [...]

The full article here:


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