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<nettime> my life collapsed
Alan Sondheim on Fri, 5 Jan 2007 17:49:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> my life collapsed

this was culled/scraped from http://www.asondheim.org/biog.txt
i have been working on an autobiography stemming from a simple perl 
#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
# biography
$| = 1; 
`cp .bio .bio.old`;
print "Would you like to add to bio information? If so, type y.\n";
if ($str eq "y") {print "Begin with date.\n";
print "Write single line, use ^d to end.\n";
open(APPEND, ">> .bio");
 {AT} text=<STDIN>;
print APPEND  {AT} text;
close APPEND;}
`sort -o .bio .bio`;
that gave me the opportunity for sorting and organizing memories; the
program was then abandoned as the entries were flushed out; the prog-
ram was then re-employed for new memories, and so forth. the result is
unique among autobiogs, as is the entangled compression below:

my life collapsed

1942 how was i possible when 1943 did not ask to be born there no atomic
hydrogen bomb television still prenetwork computers were partial dreams
the idea of distributed community inconceivable world iron and nightmare
are early screen memories being carried on a medical gurney past rows
medication bottles lighting fluorescent nurse pushing cart remember
everything from position behind her walls tiled think some light beige
yellow coloration 19431997 have had my faults less them now but
nonetheless i've read about difference between remorse regret latter
covers acts former state out one's control it's that haunts me over other
hand violence denigration fills anyone who is sensitive it with we
watching planet turn towards slaughter disease extinction torture tomb
1948 or thereabouts remembering crying in car mother worried if she kept
kissing she'd run kisses already frightened gathering security comfort
where could this very memory oddly sitting back seat reaching front road
ahead invisible 1950 all through childhood take weekly saturday allergy
shots terrified arm would swell up like molten hive hives as well hair
camp once huge swollen lip chewing plant stem grotesque an antique
microscope doctor dattner home practitioner family friend given small film
projector crank side crinkled black translucent window for viewing
animated cartoons work has stemmed magic reminds last bergman you saw
images sense beyond may been playing blocks two sets german one artificial
stone cut into basic shapes died pastel english wooden architectural
elements many which painted these worlds along stuff cocker spaniel
believe always tried sink maternal imaginary repeatedly expelled 1952
really don't date wonder love theresa worked went asylum vague dates
blanked golden kind melting later appeared different names writing might
associate magdalen wonderful british tricycle large wheels red wagon
sidewalk house tree backyard dominates what yard doesn't pine right since
down pogo stick pair stilts perhaps receiving monthly things science blue
cardboard box label transistors miniature vacuum tubes experiments real
toys designed sent premise promise around year moved reynolds street ford
avenue friendly brennans any more used fight serrated pieces wood
screendoor tear moving new originally set do fishtank angelfish example
parents bridge loebs somehow name 'raub' also comes father yell at
everyone during game wake time he caught reading under confused odd
obdurate nature particular permanence loss history present only even
document must what's reconstructed here synchronous shifted slightly
diachrony 1955 operation ears pinned traumatic hideous novacaine didn't
remain local 70 injections ended screaming felt deformed cutting flesh
sound trauma stayed entire life feel fragility organized power grid type
constant basis nothing leaves alone something john kulp colp book knife
see sunlit room students young floor earlier kindergarten 1956 heard elvis
loved word fuck someone showed elvis' picture paper then again miserable
leon asking why underdog bunk because deserve replied bow arrow swimming
than mile laps emerged head dave schell's wife giving hot drink favored
water much own mckenzies clancy al counselors brought their keelless canoe
day storm jacket oar sail come quickly shore brunonia lake pleasant near
casco watched masturbate thrilled homoero tic genitallycentered
masturbated bleachers forget his same close others unforgiving record
bouncing pingpong ball paddle while campers leaving him beginning
voyeurism exhibitionism circuit completed ceaselessly shower bathtub sperm
stuck everywhere associated masturbation urination retaining urine
spurting both myself ecstatically sooner abandoned i'd lie legs spread etc
195660 cried sleep bed table keep list best friends so surprise sort
obscene proxy softness unpainted 19568 joined american forestry
association similar trees flitted another couldn't identify runic alphabet
1958 johnny uhl walking late night threw neon inn sign fell smashed glass
tell never scared too coward wyoming 1959 probably junior white dances
seminary hopelessly platt townend yes dancing breathless letting go fly
across wanted danced pity blond hope episcopalian reason dar long line
laura june beth way am afraid dying wanting die fall asleep dreaming
margaret hall saving desperately they'd toward care eternal devotion tears
pillow sentiment say after wrote antigerman poem met corner castigated
bring dead buried somewhere found birth magazine tuli kupferberg he'd
published anais nin's diaries girl looked treasured those moments ed
sanders gaslight maybe monk point just thought noise knew lightning
hopkins thing yusef lateef copenhagan horn player dewdrop hypos door joel
us hearing 1960 ann welsh walsh first girlfriend succeed impotent until 24
completely hysteric insecure finally broke yelling break fear touch
contamination body by happened terrible written poems beauty apart wasn't
cleanliness unclean towel dirty bedroom kingston barely made senior prom
cheri kanjorski sp hated don evans' afterwords lights off secret
sexualities going jealous despair get dance waterskiing boat swung dock
hit face serious wound flunked semester brown collapsing learned hold give
faculty they hating worst class composition buck system asked write
footnotes oneline rest limits decent salem witch trials anne's breast sick
grandmother's behave yelled breaking each other's arms working settlement
east harlem arranged thinking exactly sickness hallucinatory constitutes
situation horrified volunteered army tests checking reflex times came
extremely high basement catch people faking deafness living pete 125th ran
frontal lobotomies literally starving death unknown diseases woman weigh
least ton unable move apartments broken toilets feces evil landlords decay
buildings dream spanish countesses dressed incredible kids surviving midst
israel summer largely jerusalem almost became religious meandered country
mea shearim blur driven mix trip 1962 says great deal context desert
waking morning disappeared can fictionally reconstitute they're
meaningless you'd successful period attested psychic experience patti
rogers kill herself syracuse suddenly pembroke realized call calmed
hysterical hadn't spoken months called main dorm took straitjacketed
hospital corrobrated decades threesome consummated marriage testi fied
against divorce although actually court procedure visiting york city
married chile suicidal cockroaches hiding clock tenement apartment
remarried else severe rheumatoid arthritis christian fundamentalist ago
farm village left joked force husband jesus conversion relieved jew isn't
blasted received nuremberg report started clear star david chalked wall
moment panic realizing today 2006 tour judea propaganda 15 years holocaust
thinkg straight depressions continue let assert randomly accounts anything
physically weak smart unfocused touched rarely seeing germs seemed change
towels every bathed closed within sheep case forever seem chemical
transformation surplus wards sleeplessness exacerbates does continued
poverty university ia richards gave talk school pushed shortly sheaf
course said future taken next mailbox annotated comment talent enough
legitimation colin wilson spoke fuss surrounding dorms matter beginnings
obscure bounced existence making better highschool misery roughly
approaching dormitory got should admitted uncle helped grades erratic
freshman mixer walked saying negro mess fast 19601997 sleeping insomnia
goads days can't lowered temperature accompanied horrific feelings
submergence fuzziness fully awake there's imbalance tending depression
states remarkably flu function signals misplacement react suffering 1961
disaster dean pull fought antisemitic put pig's nose jewish belonged
traditional 19611962 second roommates spent toothpicks log tormented
horrible know doing escape hell roomate built transistor radios without
cases wires falling onto curtains belong roomates victimized fumbling
student risd incredibly erect ecstatic events surely before hardly began
guitar blues abroad jaundice played fake fingers alive leroi jones amiri
baraka campus turned created quite stir stand complacency hebrew bus
scooter lambretta drive useless equipment ham radio gear wn3drp kid novice
license contact away use transitive among physicalreal disappear factory
open middle machine identified cannon wheel end valley its turret
revolving ever low building wide seen flowers trimmed grass enormous
furious beat townies covered blood looking mine hoping scare idiot guard
insisted bent pretty keith waldrop fondness larry goldstein teachers
forgotten thesis advisor edwin honig old age want happens rumor negev
distance facility intended development production nuclear weapons surreal
stones sabras intent eliminatnig attempting sholem aleichem land jews
israeli spy action egypt heavy hail unexpected size golfballs grandfather
cat returned told 1953 result accident funeral grand i'm feeling breakfast
changed encapsulated temple facing member managed shot absurdly safe galil
witnessing battle israelis syrians un condemned attack safed kabbalah
introduced wittgenstein tractatus logicophilosophicus remained favorites
continues haunt final sentence far often scaffolding account roommate
textile [and fragment missing lost software hardware leave poised brink
on] 19621963 mainly overdose opium wonders fox omens following studied
tools stekelis bible story joseph nachamah leibowitz relatively bad poetry
blown happening reply sometimes listen coded messages traveled mousterian
cave droned olduvai trench person human 1966 europe zabor drummer group
borstal dover drugs 1967 your saved pills vitamins *** speak repressive
climate entry removed sexuality virginity tragedy revelation full secrets
songs released fellows piece words tired sprechstimme 1969 libretto
19671968 three records esp independent greg johnson flute esps review
penguin encyclopedia jazz above vindicated riverboat done slightest
original opinion 19671970 anarchy madness setting elsewhere destruction
good doomed cowardly cross conservative secretly 1968 bought ibm selectric
electric typewriter anode jerry joe dallas 1997 worn crazy t'other little
tune music philosophy divorced alimony decided lawyers ready weren't we'd
waldrops editing ppress handprinted acconci benedikt monotype aesthetics
problematic easy create beautiful style meaning design art distrac tions
ai mit weyl wiener ignored poststructuralism discovered ravenous waldrops'
burning deck press providence ma experimental socalled cover publication
however slight lived minneapolis poor area asphalt heat tornado warnings
tornados cellar roared overhead slammed driver muttering himself wedding
father's antisemitism removal hopefully series cannot onself certainly
meant nh silence constantly grapple vito our dismallycathected
relationship talked swapping women gone sensed wrong wondered cathecting
sexual mutual genius ones acker laurie anderson ionosphere mentioned
artist aram saroyan purity angered bernadette mayer appears occasion
emphasis tough historical important buy constitutionally opposed skittered
cultural landscapes edge 197071 proceedings protest awful instead heel lot
acid whether chemistry talking green lime notorious commune stopped paying
rent figured illegally owned switched sparked filled shit literal plumbing
charlie quicklime heating starting taking ceilings fuel burn loudspeakers
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recognize true closer able bringing descent mumbling 1972 beth's diets
carrots tips toes nipples orange vinegar diet lasted 1973 paris biennale
world's smallest sculpture scanning electron based assassination president
nixon diagrams relating general structure french usia articles rosemarie
fame stable artistically teetering fact few recommender 19731974 month
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london ian murray barbara reise afternoons bohm discussing quantum reality
part manuscript implicate order critic concerned primarily greenburg
conceptual source conversations dominate flat camdentown kentishtown
alcoholic apparently decaying driving hitting major influence terms flower
ornament sutra breadth knowledgeperson ality wilkesbarre camera birkbeck
college inside recovered wouldn't happen america 1974 rosemary loft
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autobiography ordered #usrlocalbinperl w # biography $| = 1 `cp bio
bioold` print add yn chop$str=<stdin> $str eq y {print daten single ^d
endn openappend >>  {AT} text=<stdin> append  {AT} text append} `sort o bio` exit0
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