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Re: <nettime> Iraq: The Way Forward
Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 10 Jan 2007 23:56:47 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Iraq: The Way Forward

in the context of transmediale.07 we are organising a conference 
panel with several journalists working in bagdad and amman, together 
with the people who run http://www.niqash.org

Conference Panel: The Media Landscape of Iraq
=46riday, 2.2. 2007, 12.00 hrs, Akademie Hanseatenweg, Studio 1

Participants: Saad Saloum [iq], Ismael Zayer [iq], Ali Badr [iq], 
Susanne Fischer [de], Anja Wollenberg [de], Mod. Klaas Glenewinkel 

The future developments in Iraq will depend crucially on the question 
whether a process of negotiation can be initiated between the 
conflicting groups, or whether separation and isolation will 
continue. The function of the media in this process is not to be 
underestimated. The media communicate, comment and reflect; they form 
opinions and mobilise atmospheres of consent or dissent. Since the 
collapse of the regime, the media landscape in Iraq has been growing 
and sprawling uncontrollably in all directions, and the coverage of 
the socio-political situation is as multi-layered and complex as the 
situation itself. The discussion with Iraqi journalists and artists 
explores the role that the media play in the development of conflicts 
and the tight-rope walk between the freedom of speech and the will to 
survive. MICT (Media in Cooperation & Transition) introduce the topic 
with a report.

In collaboration with MICT and the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.


Conference 'Unfinish!'

The transmediale.07 conference, 'unfinish!', deals with the phenomenon of
finiteness in art, science, architecture, computer science and politics. The
digital culture of the present seems to be neither willing nor able to accep=
final determination and the closure of processes. Instead processuality and
continuous and consecutive updates and versions are the credo of current
cultural practices. The conference of the transmediale.07 enters into the
discrepancy between the desire to open up solidified structures and situatio=
and the curse of digital work that doesn=92t come to conclusions,but only to=
iteration of preliminary versions. In this discussion terms such as 'opening=
'closure', and 'restart', figure as central aspects. In seven panel discussi=
and in three keynote speeches, they will be analysed and applied to 
artistic and
socio-political questions.

The conference of transmediale.07 in organised in cooperation with the Feder=
Agency for Civic Education.


January 31 - February 4, 2007
Akademie der Kuenste
Berlin, Hanseatenweg 10

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