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Re: <nettime> Cinematic Video, v. 2
porculus on Wed, 17 Jan 2007 06:18:40 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Cinematic Video, v. 2

> Cinema is the century-old tradition of translating literature or live
> drama to the screen.

bah after all the first rushs were kind of social & technological fixe
shots, an exit of a factory & the coming of a train ? more a testimony & an
evidence of itself rather..plus all charlot & other guies just wanted to put
a cam on a car etc. brief it's mad how the trope was to put the recording
thing in incredible & unconfortable place for giving pleasure astonishing &
confort to the sat spectator..even the first camera stick in an ass was not
a video one..ok ok you could say rabelais already achieve to do a living
from, but by force of..er..extrem poeziz if you please. cinema is not a
translating of literature, no more photographie a translating of painting,
or just the time to lose reflex..the reverse is rather far more true

> Cinema is an act of imagination and construction, not
> an act of recording or transmission.

just a question of $..welknown those who find filth super8 of their granma
hidden in their dead granda bazar are surely from a good wealthy
familly..it's all as cocaine & drugs & pornographie in XIX and early XX,
just a bourgeois caprice funnily sew by law & police..we all want to be
bourgeois with funy police

> will respond
> to the same creative approaches as celluloid.

your superexpensive film & celluloid draw to common & public popart yet,
democratic cuz for sure you hear the guy aside you, an unknown one,
farting..alone in your bed with your laptop and seeing an hacked movie, you
ear only you. but hey it's the sound of history that march hegel said

> Video, before these 'filmmakers' arrived, was the medium of choice for
> thousands of artists,

dont you talk as in the age of netart & rhizome at the 'early' internet ?
rohhaa..scuz me..but when a video costed..how much of months of average
income here? notice i heard (hahem) during 70's truckdrivers are clubing
together for buying all the stuff too..er for arty purpose of course..to all
one's inheritance after all..video tape is now used by gardener as smooth
link for
tomato plant..& use lan wire for creeping beans since wifi i bet

> Video art is not a
> history of illusion, but in fact is a creative use of a specific
> technological medium to eliminate the gap between art and life.

there i wonder if you wouldnt weave the trick of the guy who would prepare
the massive parallelism of the appearance of pubic hair on public screen &
video technologie

> Stan Brakhage, the great American avant-garde filmmaker, was fond of
> saying "sync sound sank the movies."

tzzz aber all the contrary, i am super wellfounded to think direct sound
german skin flick are uberalles kunst nicht artete at all ! with my
rapeseedoil wv it's all my motto, this guy brakhage is surely not a
gentilhomme but a vulgaire croquant, a vilain who deserve an homme de gout
sets his all pack of hounds on

> Video exposes bad writing and weak
> acting much more brutally than celluloid.

it's touchy..as a tvfilm of a guy driving a nascar that burns oil as 2 air
force one for taking his girlfriend back to her home hearing 'no' when he
ask if he could have a drink in her sofa 'i bet if it was done in 35mm you
would reply yes, there you wonder if it's not a security cam of your dad'

> Brakhage also used to say that all video looked like "a bowl full of
> oatmeal,"

or imagine now in woody allen in 35 mm in no nascar but on foot in london
for discret tracking in b&w and she replied 'no i prefer my gardener he
made video on us on internet' cause if in a fiat 500 in front of
mobile home & if she replied right yes & they could film all without any
studio with a tiny video with a fish eyes it's still a fucking borat's with
disgusting face sitting !

> now confined to computers and digital non-linear editing

well it's also cause the real interactivity it's the spectator could go
forward or zap & change the hacked dvd..imagine i i sew borat in a theatre
building..it's sheer modern heroisme from my part..just call me ulysse,
hercule, foucald!

> Video is digital, based on electronics and silicon. Video is not
> celluloid.

sure there is something in all your things but you are far too much
fetichist..it's as with the beginning of all that cheap black vinyl sm dress
remember?..the foucaldianz said it was kind of decadence aside their
guenuine russian black leather, but my oipinion is just they always searched
twisted autosuggested enhancement for hitting & whipping & spanking harder
the ploutocrat shapped filths ones

> cinema into the 21st century. Let's call it 'cinematic video.'

ach at last not 'anemic cinema' as marcello said, plus i like moleskin &
fake leather & lousy underware in tacky satin..video is a kind of redneck
'high technologie', as internet..'high' as i dont know, the sun at midday.
so with such 'etant donne'..anticipate beers

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