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Re: <nettime> history lesson
Quirk on Mon, 22 Jan 2007 18:35:51 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> history lesson

Thanks Keith for the great thread, I have just ordered your book. BTW,
I am quite interested in the special status of East Germany granted by
the Treaty of Rome and the possibility of this resulting in a form
Comprador Bourgeoisie within the GDR. Any more information regarding
this is much appreciated.

Kimberly De Vries wrote:

> I'm not sure spamming everyone would accomplish what we want, but
> hitting a lot of news outlets might, not to mention political leaders.

I am sure it would accomplish nothing. like sending anti-imperialist
mail to inmates of Guantanamo Bay.

> So, yes, let's do something.  Whom exactly shall we try and reach?

Only by cartelising our own labour and applying it exclusively to a
mutually owned Capital commons can anything change. So long as we allow
our surplus value to be alienated and privately accumulated, it will
come back in the form of our own forceful subjugation.

Neither shaking your fists at the Rentiers, nor inciting misguided
indignation, nor browbeating the proletariat with theory or history
will significantly help.

Political power is an extension of economic power, no change in the
political structure can precede a change in the dominant mode of
production. Property will not be shamed nor intimidated nor debated
away, only mutual capitalization can defeat private Capital.

Once socialist sharing communities can out-accumulate private Capital,
only then will our economic power will extend into real political
power. There is no other way, no short cuts. All other roads lead to
terror and ultimately defeat.

Mutual capitalization is far from easy, however, so what we must do is
perfect it, honestly examine why historic attempts have failed or
accomplished limited success and what structures and practises can
allow Mutual enterprises to out-accumulate their Capitalist rivals.

Dmytri Kleiner, Robotnik


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