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<nettime> the ideal job for somebody or other
Bruce Sterling on Mon, 19 Mar 2007 02:36:12 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> the ideal job for somebody or other

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Dear Friends,
This looks impersonal and spammish, but it isn't.  I am writing to  
ask for your help because you are interested in open content and open  
licensing, and/or work on educational issues.

I have two favours to ask.  Thanks to funding from the Hewlett and  
Macarthur Foundations, Creative Commons is launching a new division  
called CC Learn, which will be devoted to open educational material  
and repositories - kindergarten through lifelong learning.  CC  
Learn's goal is to break down the barriers - whether legal, technical  
or cultural - between different collections of open educational  
content.  Our goal is to make material more "interoperable," to speed  
up the virtuous cycle of use, experimentation and reuse, to spread  
the word about the value of open educational content, and to change  
the culture of repositories to one focused on "helping build a usable  
network of content worldwide" rather than "helping build the stuff on  
our site."   Please help us spread the news!

Second, we need an Executive Director with experience in education to  
run the new division.  The person would be located in San Francisco,  
working with the astounding CC staff. Details are here.   http:// 
creativecommons.org/about/opportunities#ccl  Please pass this  
information along to the networks you are a part of and encourage  
qualified people to apply.  Save the world and advance learning  
through open content, in San Francisco, while surrounded by extremely  
cool people.. What more could one want?

This is a really exciting initiative.  Imagine a global network of  
open and free educational content, with curricula customized to  
different states or countries, with experimentation across multiple  
sites and multiple platforms, so that someone else can find things to  
do with my content that I never thought of...   Imagine bringing into  
the open educational content community hundreds of thousands of  
teachers, students and volunteers.  Imagine pursuing ease of  
discovery and use of educational material with the same ingenuity and  
dedication that we invest in making e-commerce systems work well or  
in allowing teenagers to flirt with each other on social networking  
sites..  Many of the pieces are in place, and there are great people  
working on the issue already,  but there is a lot to do.  Please help  
us by passing this along.  (And if you can help fund it or donate to  
support it, so much the better!)

Thanks so much,
warm regards,

James Boyle
William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law
Duke University Law School
Science Drive & Towerview
Box 90360
Durham, NC 27708-0360
919 613-7287 ph.
Home Page & Essays http://james-boyle.com
New Novel http://www.shakespearechronicles.com
Center for the Study of the Public Domain
Financial Times Columns
Creative Commons

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