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<nettime> From WARPORN to PORNWAR, from porn to resistance
lotu5 on Sat, 16 Jun 2007 01:08:38 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> From WARPORN to PORNWAR, from porn to resistance

How can porn and the production of porn be an instrument of nomad war
against empire? How can the performance of erotic labor for a copyleft
model, outside of financial exchange, inform our bodies, change them,
activate them to a new level of resistance? What if the most desired
kind of images in the economy were available freely and under Creative
Commons licenses?

Matteo Pasquinelli's recent essay "WARPORN! WARPUNK! Autonomous
Videopoesis in wartime" makes an important link from struggle against
the war in Iraq to autonomous video projects to create new Videopoiesis
that will "activate" bodies in resistance. One component that seems to
be missing is the step from the creation of videos to resistance.
SharingIsSexy.org is one effort that fills in that gap, engaging in
PORNWAR, fighting capitalism, bio-empire, patriarchy and
heteronormativity through the creation of porn. Porn war replaces class
war in this time of the multitude, singularities who don't identify with
"the working class" and whose only sense of the real and drive to
resistance comes from their own bodies.

SharingIsSexy.org is a collaborative open source porn laboratory. We are
a group of queer, tranny and people with othered bodies coming together
to create a site for free porn that is licensed under Creative Commons
(A-NC-SA 3.0). Some of us will be creating our own porn using
photography, video, writing or whatever form suits us. The site will
also be open for anyone to post on, although our collective retains
editorial control to prevent content which is sexist, racist,
homophobic, etc...

We are creating an actual alternative porn site, unlike SuicideGirls or
RazorDolls, which are populated with skinny white girls and are not open
to transgendered people of any kind. We are creating a critical utopia,
a kind of space described by Jose Esteban Muñoz which is utopian in a
way that critiques the current social conditions.

We are demonstrating that porn is not only made out of the desire for
capital by making our porn free and copyleft. We are examining the
question of open source porn while respecting the work of sex workers
and not trying to discredit or undermine it.

In doing so, we have created a collective, Sharing Is Sexy and are
building a porn-positive and sex-positive community in our home of San
Diego, California. This collective and community process allows for a
level of resonance and reflection for the work, adding to our own
affective experience of making porn. In this way, we are using porn as a
tool of resistance, by fulfilling our own desires and finding those with
shared desires, we are breaking own the isolation and atomization of
capital, we are creating strong shared bonds that strengthen our network
of resistance against capital. We've got each other's backs, in more
ways than one.

We are creating the space we desire and engaging in nomad war to grow
the steppe and protect our space when our space's edges brush up against

SharingIsSexy.org is still heavily under development, but you can see an
early version now at:



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