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<nettime> CFP Inquiry for ?The Synthetic Aesthetics of New Media Art?
Carolyn L Kane on Sun, 22 Jul 2007 22:41:36 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> CFP Inquiry for ?The Synthetic Aesthetics of New Media Art?

Call For Papers:

?The Synthetic Aesthetics of New Media Art?

Presented by The New Media Caucus in Association with the College Art
Association February 20?23, 2008; Dallas, TX

Panel Chair: Carolyn Kane, PhD Candidate Media, Culture, and Communication, New
York University clk267 {AT} nyu.edu

Contrary to traditional aesthetic theories that argue for the primacy of either
the subjective and phenomenological, or formal and objective interpretations of
artwork, the aesthetics of electronic media, like the logic of technical media
itself, is thoroughly removed from anthropomorphic sensibility. One could say
that electronic media aesthetics are marked by technical trauma.

However, much contemporary new media art criticism exemplifies a hermeneutic
approach that seeks to rationalize and transform work into intelligible ?art
objects? for canonization and social theories. Is this approach problematic for
the logic of technical media? Can certain attributes such as color, form,
affect, or sound, effectively reconcile computer based artwork with the
subjective and humanistic drives in art making?

The panel invites papers that address the aesthetics of New Media art in
distinction to previous aesthetic models or media platforms. For instance,
papers suggesting the ways in which color, sound, line, form, symbolism,
affect, anti-aesthetics, or ideology may be distinct to new media aesthetics
are all welcomed. Essentially the panel inquires: what do theoreticians and
practitioners address in New Media art, and why? Which artists and / or
commercial work do you think best exemplifies these issues? Special attention
will be given to those abstracts that are concerned with the use of color in
New Media work.

Presenters can propose brief lectures; media or artist presentations of their
own, or other artists? work; discussions; or other acceptable suggestions.


Due by October 1, 2007:
*Abstracts (max 500 words)
* Paper / Presentation Titles
*Confirmation that presenters will be able to travel to Dallas on February
20-23, 2008
* Current CV and a brief bio.
*Specification of presentation format

Send proposals and / or any question to Carolyn Kane clk267 {AT} nyu.edu
For CAA conference information visit: http://conference.collegeart.org/2008/

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