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Re: <nettime> (Free) WiFi blues ... Fon and Meraki (fwdfyi)
Michael Weisman on Tue, 2 Oct 2007 04:49:11 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> (Free) WiFi blues ... Fon and Meraki (fwdfyi)

Just for clarification, there is no demise, near or otherwise, of
wi-fi programs in the US. These stories are part of a careful program
of disinformation and proganda implemented by the PR firms employed
by the bitlords and their neferious minions. Although a couple of
programs are being adjusted because, surprise, it is not cost free to
build a city-wide wi-fi program and there needs to be someone to pay
for it, there is no serious threat to free wi-fi or public wi-fi in
the US. On the contrary, these schemes are more popular than ever, and
especially in underserved areas that would otherwise miss the digital
virtual boat (like New Orleans). see muniwireless.com for real news,
not fake news.

Mike Weisman   

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> Subject: <nettime> (Free) WiFi blues ... Fon and Meraki (fwdfyi)
> Following a previous posting on the (near) demise of MuniWifi in the
> USA, there is now an interesting discussion going on on the wsfii list
> about various WiFi facilitating schemes, esp FON and Meraki. Gregers
> Petersen gives (immo) a good round-up:

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