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<nettime> October 2007 on -empyre- : "DNA Poetics"
Nicholas Ruiz III on Wed, 3 Oct 2007 00:26:04 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> October 2007 on -empyre- : "DNA Poetics"

DNA Poetics

Two words well placed, no? After Judith Roof's "The Poetics of DNA".
That DNA (hereafter Code) is perhaps, but a metaphor for a substance
(and/or protocol?) is what concerns us here, this month of October, on

The Code is meaningful, we can agree. But of what meaning is it full?
Meaningful of biology? Meaningful of poetry? Should we speak of the
people's (public) Code? A corporatized (private) Code? Who is charged
with its derivation? With the responsibility of Code's proof?

Is there no Code, and only 'codes'? 

Pleas join us and perhaps we shall know better.



Moderated by Nicholas Ruiz III (US) Editor, Kritikos

with special guests

Judith Roof (US) is professor of English and Film
Studies at Michigan State University. Her books
include All about Thelma and Eve: Sidekicks and Third
Wheels, and The Poetics of DNA.

Eugene Thacker (US) is associate professor of New
Media in the School of Literature, Communication, and
Culture at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His
books include Biomedia, The Global Genome, and The

Please join us at: 



Nicholas Ruiz III
CoModerator, -empyre-

Dr. Nicholas Ruiz III
Editor, Kritikos

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