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Re: <nettime> [NMF] Blue Monday Review
Eduardo Navas on Sat, 6 Oct 2007 07:52:08 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> [NMF] Blue Monday Review

Hi Kazys,

Great to get your feedback about the review.  I'm not in the position to
write back in authority about the review itself, because it was written by
Molly Hankwitz.  But I can write about the posessive after Varnelis.  It was
a way to show it was the work by both.  I apologize is this does not follow
your critical position, but it seemed fitting in terms of a brief headline.
I do respect  your point about the superstudio.

I've not had the chance to read the book, but certainly look forward to it.
My own interests often point back to multitudes as well, but more in terms
of how such term is used to promote individualism. And in this respect I
find it interesting that you called the book Blue Monday, given that upon
considering the title, I immediately thought about New Order.  Your anecdote
about the 12" (which I actually own) is interesting.  But I wonder when I
read it, and consider the irony in the economic equation, if I fall victim
to romanticism, as by now it is very likely that the record company made the
money back in mp3s and reissues of remixes. And this is what I always go
back to with propositions of resistance or of alternatives to current
paradigms of life: the resilience of our current reality is that it can
assimilate everything.  Of course part of us may say that this is not so if
we are critical and strive to reconsider the equation.  Perhaps.  I'll read
your book as I'm curious about your position about multitudes.



On 10/2/07 10:12 AM, "Kazys Varnelis" <kazys {AT} audc.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been a lurker for a time, largely due to information overload,
> but I suppose I should chime in now if I ever should. Many thanks for
> posting the review, Eduardo.

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