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<nettime> William Dutton's Inaugural Lecture
geert on Thu, 18 Oct 2007 10:24:39 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> William Dutton's Inaugural Lecture

Dear friends and colleagues,

In my Inaugural Lecture on Monday at the University Examination Schools 
I discussed 'the Rise of a Fifth Estate in Internet Time and Space'.

In an earlier era, printing was tied to the rise of the press as a 
major institution. Its subsequent growing role in conjunction with the 
development of radio, television and other mass media has created an 
independent institution in many nations, which has become known as the 
'Fourth Estate'. In my lecture I explained why I believe it would not 
be an exaggeration to argue that a new form of social accountability is 
emerging, enabled by the growing use of the Internet and related ICTs, 
in what I am calling the 'Fifth Estate'.

Essentially, the Internet is enabling people to network with other 
individuals and with a vast range of information, services and 
technical resources, supporting greater accountability not only in 
government and politics, but also in other sectors. I argued that this 
could be as important - if not more so - to the 21st century as the 
Fourth Estate has been since the 18th.

As is the tradition with inaugural lectures, the floor did not open to 
questions. However, I would be delighted to field questions or comments 
on my blog:

Best wishes,

Bill Dutton,

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The webcast, lecture text and photos are available at:

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