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<nettime> No Borders Camp Calexico/Mexicali - Day 1
lotu5 on Thu, 8 Nov 2007 21:26:14 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> No Borders Camp Calexico/Mexicali - Day 1

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The No Borders Camp succesfully established itself on the U.S./Mexico 
border today. After a nearly four- mile march to the site, about 100 
activists on the U.S. side and 25 activists on the Mexico side were met 
with a heavy border patrol presence. Nonetheless, the activists were 
allowed to set up the camp while the Border Patrol set up various sets 
of stadium lighting, barking dogs and different types of weaponry.

El Campamento Contra las Fronteras se estableció el día de hoy. Después 
de una marcha de ocho kilometros, cerca de cien activistas del lado 
gabacho y 25 activistas en el lado mexicano se encontraron con una 
presencia pesada de la Patrulla Fronteriza. Sin embargo, los activistas 
pusieron el campamento mientras la Patrulla Fronteriza trajo luces del 
estadio, perros ladando y distintos tipos de armas.

Three broadcasts have been setup to provide coverage of the No Borders 
Camp in Calexico and Mexicali.

Live Radio / Radio en Vivo: Se puede escuchar radio en vivo desde el 
campamento en Calexico/Mexicali / Multiple radio streams are operating 
now from the Calexico/Mexicali area to keep the rest of the world 
informed about what's happening at the Camp. Click y Escuchelo / Click 
to listen.

Main Stream -
Radio 98.9 -

Mexicali stream - OGG -


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