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lotu5 on Fri, 9 Nov 2007 11:00:41 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> noborders poiesis

We're rushing to the No Borders Camp,
preparing to take the space
not knowing how the state will react.
I've got two minutes to check email at the media house
before we go out into the street.

Two new emails-

From: the woman I'm in love with in Montreal

"i think you already know the reasons we can't talk about seeing each
other again... i can't do this right now."

From: my brother

"Mom went for the 4 month check up for the chemotherapy and it was
determined that the hormone she was taking, that had no side effects was
not working. The doctor has put her on another chemo drug..."

We've been planning this action for 2 years.
I go out into the street
and no one says "hey, how are you doing?"
In the rally, someone says "I feel like a lemming."

At the camp, I don't feel like fighting the Border Patrol
over a chunk of dirt
that someone arbitrarily chose
as "our" territory.

I wonder how everyone else feels?
There's no time to talk about it.

The Border Patrol get our their plastic shields,
tear gas guns, pepper ball guns, dogs.
We setup tents, computers, antennas, kitchens,
and use a pile of shrub to make a fence
to keep the border patrol out.
I ride bike home through the dark with the friends I came here with.

Is this all we can imagine? To create another world?

It was cold and grey in sd this morning, beautiful.
The wind caresses me
up and down the hills
and Nina Simone sings to me.

Tiny specs of water on the bus windshield.
I appreciate them so much.

Check my email again.
Back to the camp tomorrow.

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