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<nettime> Win Nothing Day - action for Buy Nothing Day 2007
Paolo Ruffino on Sat, 24 Nov 2007 21:09:08 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Win Nothing Day - action for Buy Nothing Day 2007

Win Nothing Day
started in Bologna, Italy, a new action has spread all across Europe
to promote Buy Nothing Day 2007

How many days have you spent in a supermarket?
How many times did you really believe in the promises of instant
happiness they offered you?

This November all across Europe we have organized a contest. On
products in markets and stores we have attached thousands of
stickers. Each of them had a code to be registered on a website,
www.buyconsumewin.com. The website looked like the worst ever: poor
graphic, useless requests for personal data, slow loading. To go
through it a blind trust was needed, the same that takes us every
given day in front of the shelves. Every code was a "lucky" one, but
here comes the bad surprise: you won, but there is no prize. Everytime
you partecipated in a contest you were sure you could really get real
happiness out of it. Maybe it's time to get more serious about your
life. Stop consuming, for instance. At least for one day. 24th of
November is Buy Nothing Day. Partecipate by not partecipating.

The group IO/cose, based in Bologna, is proud to announce this
project. Started last November, the action has spread to Rome and
Milan, and then Paris, Barcelona, London, Bruxelles and other European
cities, involving thousands of stickers, activists, and surprised
consumers. --

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