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<nettime> Small Incident at the Entrance to the Space
Alan Sondheim on Sat, 1 Dec 2007 02:02:50 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Small Incident at the Entrance to the Space

Small Incident at the Entrance to the Space

Nikuko: I couldn't wait for Him to come. I was Caught in the Traipsing of
Desire. His magic Touch saved me from Incipient Void.

Travis: I was walking by. I had nothing to do. Suddenly this Avatar
appeared before Me. She was Desperate. She was a Lost Hungry Ghost. I felt
great Compassion. In the Midst of Emptiness, I reached out to Her. I
pulled her back from the Brink of Samsara.

Nikuko: Now I can enter Higher Realms. Beings surround Me. I have Action
Way and Knowledge Way. I am Ten-Direction Knowledge.

Travis: I placed Her in the Center of the Residence. There is Nothing more
for Her. There is Much to be learned. Within Her, without Her.

Nikuko: Within Me, without Me, Yoni and Lingam. I am sheave-formed, Yoni
torn from Me, Lingam torn from You. I couldn't wait for You to come. Here
I shall save you. Here, Movement, Suffering, Betrayal. There, Void-Touch
of the Six Senses.

Travis: I embrace the Twelve Links of co-dependent co-origination. I was
crying for You.

Nikuko: You were screaming. You are sheave-formed. Look at You! Look at
What you Are!

Travis: I was Crying for Help.

Nikuko: I had Nothing to do...


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