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Re: <nettime> what now for the Next Left after onset of the Great Recess
lotu5 on Thu, 18 Sep 2008 05:42:23 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> what now for the Next Left after onset of the Great Recession?

I have been thinking about this a bit in the last few days, and actually
feeling like some of my current projects are a bit frivolous in light of
the severity of what seems to be happening.

But then it occurred to me, that so much of the strategies that inform the
projects I work on start from this point. It seems to me that Autonomy and
world building, in the sense of alter-globalization, are all about
creating  new world from the ruins of the old, reimagining how to live,
work, love, trade, exist in ways that we find just and not exploitative.

Perhaps the thing that has changed in the last few days is that we should
have a new sense of urgency, which may inform what projects we work on and
what time frames we're thinking about. While much work has gone into new
ways of sharing homes, growing our own food, creating our own software and
media, perhaps this is the time to really engage with questions of how to
create autonomous hardware, media infrastructure and medical care.

What really is the state of autonomous health care? It seems like there
are many projects towards DIY health care that are centered on holistic
and natural knowledge, but as a trans person, I wonder when I'll be able
to get my hormones from an autonomous community clinic, instead of from

Also, it is perhaps time to reengage with questions of scale, while the g8
in heillingdam (sp) was able to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people,
it was only for a few short days, and then what happened to the
communication that had been established? It seems so easy for viscious
splits to emerge given the voluntary nature of these protests, but perhaps
moving forward the "movement of movements" will have to start taking it's
task a bit more seriously.


> huge question, but shouldn't we be discussing it?
> pink, black, green anticapitalist ciaos from noerrebro, radical heart
> of copenhagen, awaiting esf in malmoe where precarity+mayday assembly
> will take place on Thursday at 4 in the direct action space,
> lx

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