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Re: <nettime> a to-do list
Matze Schmidt on Fri, 10 Oct 2008 14:46:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> a to-do list


> major capitalist crisis is among us

well, with all, respect, but since we (who? ;) ) studied marx,
capitalism IS the crisis it can not ne 'in' a crisis. so to say the
"financial crisis" can be seen as the result of a long term economic
cyclical downturn, it is in fact a result not the drive like all
statesmen and greenspans tell.

> -- the eu is engulfed by the great recession and is reverting to
> national sovereignties to solve the credit crisis: one more blow
> at the already vacillating political legitimacy of council and
> commission; but in the present sociopolitical climate a rightist,
> authoritarian and xenophobic, even outright fascist outcome is more
> likely than a leftist outcome (reformist and/or revolutionary don't
> matter here) in europe

i agree, the administrations in the eu are in fear but they ('they')
certainly have sort of plans. take a look at germany. the plans are
(since 1990): let the army go in the country (home front) and train
the new (old) state police, prepare and widen wars in other countries
(afghanistan), try to measure the other countries of the continent,
give the usual licences to the capital (easier dismissals, harder
laws against workers etc.) in such cases or let the state take over
(remember ~1918-1933) because the state is the agent and the last
residuum of the system.



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