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Re: <nettime> Inside Networked Movements: Interview with Jeffrey Juris
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Re: <nettime> Inside Networked Movements: Interview with Jeffrey Juris

> Inside Networked Movements
> Interview with Jeffrey Juris
> By Geert Lovink
> Jeffrey Juris wrote an excellent insiders? story about the ?other
> globalization? movement. Networking Futures is an anthropological
> account that starts with the Seattle protests, late 1999,

Fascinating that Seattle still gets the attention when all the groundwork
was laid at APEC '97 in Vancouver, especially in terms of the foundations of
Indymedia, use of radio, cellphones, 2-way radios and online media,
strategic protest, coalitions, resurgence of anarcho-SI tactics and the
issue at stake that defined the alter-globalization movement. But hey,
anything that happens in the US is always big news. For those interested in
the 2 years of planning that led up to Seattle, read up on APEC:




Hopefully one day the 'history of alter-globalization' will start getting
this right, and put APEC squarely as the flashpoint that provoked the
energy, resources and strategies that led to the successful blockade of
Seattle, two years later, in 1999.


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