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<nettime> [iai.en] Stop evictions Istanbul >>> Sign to restart the renew
International Alliance of Inhabitants on Tue, 14 Oct 2008 05:35:43 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> [iai.en] Stop evictions Istanbul >>> Sign to restart the renewal process for Sulukulé!

*Support of the International Alliance of Inhabitants 

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*It is not too late to restart the renewal process for Sulukul?! *

Sulukule is the most ancient Roma neighbourhood in the world. It has 
been host to the Roma community for centuries. As a consequence of the 
implementation of urban renewal policies, the Fatih district 
municipality have started evicting hundreds of people out of their homes.
More informations >>> <http://eng.habitants.org/content/view/full/7717>

Please sign the petition below, to support the alternatif local 
development plan for Sulukule which shows that another Sulukule is 
possible against the "gentrification" project of the municipality >>> 

*>>> To sign go to: http://www.alternatifsulukule.org/default_en.aspx*

*STOP! No Frontiers Autonomous Planners*

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   * *IAI message to Mayor Fatih
   * *Zero Evictions Campaign
   * *World Zero Evictions Day 2008
   * *Video Contest
   * *Building together the World Assembly of Inhabitants!

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