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Re: <nettime> YOU LOVED THE CRASH -
Matze Schmidt on Wed, 15 Oct 2008 00:45:25 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> YOU LOVED THE CRASH -

hi brian,

and hi for those who can read german: i'd recommend the article from
guenther sandleben, who claims, that the new economical cycle we are
witnessing is about to have a total other characterstic compared to the
cycles before. the waves of accumulation have certain tempos and the
statistics say, that the current crisis marks a shift to one with a
lower tempo plus deep problems within the economical systems of the
world leader usa and the eu and japan. the usa is de facto bankrupt. 700
billions for the usa's markets, or 500 billions only for the frg's
markets are nearly the limit - to print more money without value can not
happen withoput a collapse. to get over it will cost all faith in the
national economies of those countries. so this present crisis is just
the beginning, that's the thesis of sandleben.

you can find sandleben's text here:

and here as part of the n0name newsletter:


so, against this background one can say, that financial-market regulation
IS the reinforcement and will not help. and btw some want change not
regulation ;)

> and if serious
> financial-market regulation is not installed at the same time, then what
> will come of this whole mess is just a reinforcement of the present 
> condition


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