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<nettime> New Interviews/Reviews on Furtherfield Oct 08.
marc garrett on Tue, 28 Oct 2008 18:51:29 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> New Interviews/Reviews on Furtherfield Oct 08.

New Interviews/Reviews on Furtherfield Oct 08.


Quick info:

Pure:dyne Discussion on Netbehaviour.
Interview with Heather Corcoran and Aymeric
Mansoux conducted by Marc Garrett to discuss pure:dyne.

G.H. Hovagimyan interviewed by Eliza Fernbach.

Grow Your Own Media Lab (The Graphic Novel) by Access Space.
Article by Rob Myers.

The Jeremy Bailey Interview on Netbehaviour.
Interview conducted by Marc Garrett.

More Info:

Pure:dyne Discussion on Netbehaviour.

Marc Garrett invited two team members of the GOTO10 collective, Heather
Corcoran and Aymeric Mansoux to discuss pure:dyne on the
Netbehaviour.org list.

This fascinating and dynamic discussion took place from the October 16th
- 23rd Oct 08. An interview and an open discussion was joined by other
list members of Netbehaviour.

pure:dyne is a GNU/Linux live distribution based on Debian. It is
dedicated to live audiovisual processing and streaming, and focuses
largely on the Pure Data audio synthesis system, although it also
includes SuperCollider, Csound as well as live video-processing systems
such as Packet Forth and Fluxus. Another aspect of pure:dyne is that it
is maintained by media artists for media artists.


G.H. Hovagimyan interviewed by Rant Interview - Eliza Fernbach

G.H. Hovagimyan a Performance and New Media artist based in New York has
harnessed the power of this seething population. His ongoing Rant series
started in the 70's. In the raging shadows of punk and performance art,
the content of these works have evolved while maintaining the raw energy
and volume of the first recorded rant.


Grow Your Own Media Lab (The Graphic Novel) by Access Space.
Text by James Wallbank, Pictures by Michael Tesh, Design by Scott Hawkins.
Review by Rob Myers.

Access Space is an open access media lab based in Sheffield. Access
Space encourages people to learn how to use hardware re-used from local
companies and Free Software from the GNU project and others. This saves
money and builds skills.

Since being founded in the year 2000 Access Space has thrived where many
community and government schemes have failed. This has drawn attention
from groups eager to understand and reproduce its success. This has led
to the Arts-Council-funded study "Grow Your Own Media Lab", of which the
final report is the graphic novel of the same name "Grow Your Own Media
Lab (The Graphic Novel)" or GYOML for short.


The Jeremy Bailey Interview on Netbehaviour.
Interview conducted by Marc Garrett.

Canadian artist Jeremy Bailey recently completed a five week residency
at Furtherfield.org which culminated with his first UK exhibition, The
Jeremy Bailey Show at HTTP Gallery, in North London (Sept 19th - Oct
19th 2008). The centrepiece of this exhibition is 'WarMail' commissioned
by HTTP/Furtherfield.org and completed during his residency.

As part of the residency experience Jeremy was invited to take part in
an interview on the Netbehaviour list. We discussed the works in the
exhibition and the critical approaches and contemporary contexts that
inspire him to create his art work. We also discussed 'WarMail' which
was performed with a participating audience at the HTTP Gallery at the
opening night.


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