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Re: <nettime> second thoughts on the American election
Matze Schmidt on Thu, 6 Nov 2008 22:22:54 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> second thoughts on the American election

hey john,

greetz from tacky berlin, where the big, real and still tv-driven
media are crazy about this obama, the healer of the nation (usa), who 
brings an new era, saving democracy... the great cream-machine is
splashing constantly democratistic bullshit in the eyes while the
government is waiting for the old giant (again: usa) and competitor to
fall. and again: the usa, the oldest country in the world as measured by
its old system of profit (besides great britain), are broke, on the
rocks, baracked. so this is the contradictory climate they (who?) want
to produce here: on the one hand check out the nato-friend, on the other
kick out the nato-friend. On the one hand assholes here are searching
now for a german obama-style fo unifying the nation ("wow, how did he
made this campaign from below", "obama spirit" - 'from below'), on the other hand
germany needs, really needs the new flabby usa and a weak dollar for its
own new euro-drive in the militarized markets. on the one hand the local
intellectuals are praising obama as a poet of society and politics ('he
has found the words' or something like it), on the other hand etc. etc.

> "[...] If elections were capable of changing
> anything, they would long have been forbidden."


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