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Re: <nettime> Vernacular Video (expanded version), Tom Sherman 2008
Matze Schmidt on Wed, 26 Nov 2008 07:46:41 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Vernacular Video (expanded version), Tom Sherman 2008


and many thanks for this article. But one concern related "the question
of art, artists and do we need this and them anyway?"

I remember Woody Vasulka talking about the time in New York in the
heroic early days when he was shooting everything (everything?) he
could possibly find out there ("out there" means what is not in there in
this chamber of the self) with his Portapack. And asking him about this
issue he offered me the material! I rejected.

After this little story I was first: disappointed by myself - I could
have done great exhibits with the stuff, I thought. And then: I was
glad, cause I don't need Jimi Hendrix on stage (Woody shot in those days
[hope I'm right]), I have my own nobody-stars right here and even Warhol
cannot make them, they finally make themselfes without any idols.

Okay, we know that this is not true, it's the legend of the New Web the
Lovink School is constantly correcting. Most of the boys and girls on
facebook seem to be those copies of some stars. Onlinestars? So, I
believe we do not need any post-artist doing the videojob for us (bye,
bye Neo-Hegel again), we need divisions of businesses. But this is
another question that leads to something else but art, doesn't it?



> video technology is
> everywhere.

> Video art continues

Migrating Reality (II) - Régime
Second international congress on migration
General Public project space, Berlin.

Thursday, 27.11.2008, 14:00

Migrating Migration?
Checking a Globalized Conception

Workshop with Matze Schmidt & Dominik Eggermann
Migration is a complex of real people’s movements, theoretical
approaches and economical as well as political factors. Currently it
seems to be an augmented term which connotes ‘everything and nothing’.
Is it flowing data, is it the jet-set nomades, is it the action at the
european borders? The topic Migration is migrating itself, so to speak!
But what is clear that it is a process of actual happenings, theory and
ideology. In a 2x90 min. workshop all participants are invited to find
out ways how to build a working index of migrating as a matter of fact.
The result could be a 2d-map to explore the scientific parts of the
~whole subject.

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