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<nettime> Lets all get erased from Facebook!
Andres Manniste on Thu, 27 Nov 2008 11:05:56 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Lets all get erased from Facebook!

So I was looking at my list of Facebook contacts and it is Thierry
Geoffroy who impresses me the most because he is almost halfway to
being eliminated by the facebook robot (apparently your account is
erased at 5000). I am also growing very impatient with those who
hyperventilate about choosing who deserves to be their "friend".

>From the beginning, internet art has been about independence from
institutional bureaucracies and the formation of communities of
artists (Shulgin and Bookchin), yet here we are, artists choosing whom
they should accept as contacts. Facebook is an illusion; consequently
it makes little sense to begin constructing virtual sand castles
with their levels of nobility ( by the way, many of the people below
are more famous than you are). We all know that FB will inevitably
collapse so what is the hierarchical nonsense about? I suggest to
everyone to accept everyone and work towards the magic number of 5000
to vaporise. If you want a family page, make a separate avatar. If you
think that Facebook is more than a network node, stop pretending to be
involved with internet art. As they say in French: franchement! (get

My Friends:

Thierry Geoffroy
2647 contacts
Brainard Carey
1418 contacts
Thierry Geoffroy
1414 contacts
Genco Gulan
1372 contacts
Camille Paglia
1316 contacts
Vuk Cosic
1039 contacts
Catherine Millet
943 contacts
Aristide Antonas
884 contacts
Marisa Olson
752 contacts
Valery Grancher
697 contacts
Jeremy Owen Turner
631 contacts
Melinda Rackham
566 contacts
Eric Bolduc
549 contacts
James D. Campbell
529 contacts
Roy Ascott
498 contacts
Petra Cortright
462 contacts
Andrea Carson
391 contacts
Isabelle Hayeur
389 contacts
Karen Tam
341 contacts
Jillian Mcdonald
331 contacts
Maigunaki Souvlaki Saganaki
317 contacts

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