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Re: <nettime> the ?Cathedral? and the ?Bazaar??
John Young on Mon, 9 Feb 2009 04:33:05 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> the ?Cathedral? and the ?Bazaar??

It should be noted that "open source" has been appropriated by
the spy-media-education industry as an asymmetrical method 
for taking from open sources but not giving back, instead 
classifying putting within password-gated campuses the open
source material in order to obscure that the filchers have a
pecuniary interest in freely cultivated goodies. 

So say the SMEs and their beneficiary contractors in their openly 
proclaimed suck-you fuck-you policy to advertise for adjunct-academic 
and edu-start-ups to participate in (get bribe money for) in national 
security (spit) national patriomny (spit) endeavors, hand out a few 
contracts to the willingly witting desperately-seeking down but not
out bazaarists, and shut-out the disfavored with cathredral-like 
secrecy (tenure) orders, learning from the churches and banks 
to profess unction for believers and tithers while gathering wealth 
for the belly laughers of TARP for the top.

Bill Gates himself did that, preached that, as did Steve Jobs.
It is the golden egg luring millions to the openly promise 
medals of freedom from merciless religion of higher pecking order
education then reap the profits when the bloodsucked students 
are dunned for ursurous loan-repayments into the skyhigh-paid 
admins' baskets. Consider Wikipedia and a host of like openers 
savaging of contributed labor, abetted by herds of martinets
enforcing just what can be reputably (spit) published.

Net non-profits (spit) are no different than the others in bait and
switch via oh so weary rules of engagement for the unruly. Extreme 
unctuousity is bedevilment with strapped-on angel wings.

Now, for free my gang offers surefire immortality and depthless
wisdom, PayPal us $100 for the top secret URL at golden-egg.
domain. Don't believe anything else, motley fool.

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