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<nettime> Who will be spared/scaled??
{ brad brace } on Mon, 16 Feb 2009 21:36:12 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Who will be spared/scaled??

Talent-Ghetto Ponzi Rehash as Global Slump Worsens

"The spillovers in knowledge that result from
talent-clustering are the main cause of economic growth.
Well-educated professionals and creative workers who live
together in dense ecosystems, interacting directly, generate
ideas and turn them into products and services faster than
talented people in other places can. There is no evidence
that globalization or the Internet has changed that. Indeed,
as globalization has increased the financial return on
innovation widening the consumer market, the pull of
innovative places, already dense with highly talented
workers, has only grown stronger, creating a snowball
effect. Talent-rich ecosystems are not easy to replicate,
and to realize their full economic value, talented and
ambitious people increasingly need to live within them."


You cannot politically defy the institutions when all you really wanted was
to be clasped to their bosoms and hope in time to be cherished under the
very framework of oppressive values you are thinking of overcoming. That
would be co-optation, revolution only in the sense of a circulation of
elites rather than the extirpation of the very impulses of elitism.

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