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Re: <nettime> FW: When technology is utilized against us.
Heiko Recktenwald on Fri, 26 Jun 2009 20:57:05 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> FW: When technology is utilized against us.

Who is "we"???


Michael Weisman schrieb:

> An acquaintance of mine made the following analysis, referring to the
> Iranian government, "All of their mistakes, though, track back to that
> first one: failure to understand information in the 21st century."

And wrote something on Anomymous to make the little Pasdaran visible. People on twitter proposed to collect names of members to be able to mark their houses with a cross. Do you think that is a good idea? IMHO it is pure nonsense!

During the last student demonstrations in 2006 or so, I asked some Iranian economy students in Bonn about it and they replied something like "The biggest problem in Iran is that everybody shouts "Death to" whoever. We have the same here: "Death to Khamenei" etc. The state of Iran does not use such language! 

One of the most interesting officials is Laridjani, the former diplomat, who poposed some open TV discussions. To make the "millions" in the streets heart. 

I personaly understood Khamenei completely different from how this speech was interpreted in the media. There was no open thread with violence and his remark about violence that would happen did raise the question in me how much he is still in power. Maybe the Pasdaran do mostly what they want like people in a "Smart Mob". But lets face reality, whether to be peacefull or not has been discussed on twitter, it is a question, see also Anonymous. The Pasdaran are NOT scientology, they are a part of the state and that is perfectly ok. The Pasdaran are not per se bad, they can do brilliant things like they did with than UK ship in the Sea. See also Hezbollah which is the best that did ever happen in Lebanon in the last 20 years or Hamas. They are able to say "Yes, Yes, No, No" and this is most important IMHO and one of the biggest values in the Bible.

Anyway, Ladidjani did say, that the Pasdaran activities in universities must stop! And what was really happening in the shooting scenes is a matter of investigation.

All from presstv.ir. They may be slow, their english may be broken and their language may be difficult to understand sometimes anyway, but they are official. More than rumor and emotions.

IMHO the state of Iran has been VERY tolerant, this could not have happened in Riad or Kabul. The last time in did happen in Israels occupied territories it was called Intifada. But IMHO the members of Intifada did know better what they were fighting for.

IMHO "we" dont have very good arguments.

WSJ has an excellent graphic of the structure of the state of Iran.

Laridjani is the current president of the parliament.



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