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Re: <nettime> Abortion services censored out on Google AdWords: Sign on
Carsten Agger on Mon, 13 Jul 2009 16:26:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Abortion services censored out on Google AdWords: Sign on the letter to protest to Google

On Mon, 2009-07-13 at 12:41 +0530, Pranesh Prakash wrote:

> 3) While generally (at least in India) commercial speech is also
> covered by the freedom of speech and expression, that right may be
> curtailed.  Protecting the right of the unborn female foetus is as
> much a concern of human rights, if not more, than protecting the right
> of abortion clinics to advertise.

True. But, once abortion is accepted and legalized, I don't see how it
is possible to curtail it by banning sex-selective abortion.

Free access to abortion, as many countries now have, means free access
to abortion for any reason whatever within the first 12 (as in some
countries) og 20 (as in others) weeks, meaning the clinic and the
country's authorities are not supposed even to ask why the woman or
couple want an abortion.

In this situation, you can't consistently ban some reasons over other
(what one could and should do, of course, is refuse to accept the
foetus' gender as a reason when consdering dispensing from age limits,
in which case the reasons should be limited the mothers's health or
social circumstances, possible disability, etc.)

Carsten Agger

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