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<nettime> Video: The Transborder Immigrant Tool: Violence, Solidarity an
micha cárdenas on Wed, 15 Jul 2009 02:25:50 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Video: The Transborder Immigrant Tool: Violence, Solidarity and Hope in Post-NAFTA Circuits of Bodies Electr(on)/ic

Click link here to see my talk, which was co-written with Ricardo 
Dominguez, Amy Sara Carroll and Brett Stalbaum, and click the link below 
for the rest of the talks, all of which were amazing! And don't believe 
the warning on the page I'm linking to about Windows, it works fine in 
Ubuntu. I'll also be prsenting a version of this paper in Bonn, Germany 
in September at the Mobile HCI conference workshop on Community 
Practices and Locative Media 
[http://www.mobilehci09.org/call-for-submissions/workshops-2 ]

*Transborder Immigrant Tool
*Micha Cardenas, MFA, UC San Diego
/Length: 29:54/ [video 

      Violence, Technology and Public Intervention

/San Diego, May 14, 2009/ -- Calit2 at UC San Diego and the UC Digital 
Arts Research Network (UCDARnet) sponsored a recent symposium on art's 
role in addressing the current and historical relationship between 
technology and violence. It was in connection with a new gallery {AT} calit2 
exhibit about anti-personnel land mines.

The exhibit, "The Anti-Personnel Mines Project" by Argentine new-media 
artist Carlos Trilnick, runs through June 10, 2009 at the intimate 
gallery space on the first floor of Atkinson Hall. The interactive 
installation focuses on the long-term devastation that land mines 
produce, even decades after an armed conflict has ended. Trilnick was 
the keynote speaker at the "Violence, Technology and Public 
Intervention" symposium on April 24 at Calit2, which features panel 
discussion on public intervention as art -- and the art of public 
intervention. Artists from UC San Diego and other institutions talked 
about projects ranging from the "Public Secrets Project" to the 
"Transborder Immigrant Tool."

The symposium presentations are now available for on-demand viewing 
here: http://http//www.calit2.net/newsroom/article.php?id=1524 


micha cárdenas

Artist/Researcher, Experimental Game Lab, http://experimentalgamelab.net
Calit2 Researcher, http://bang.calit2.net

blog: http://bang.calit2.net/tts

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