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<nettime> _I Am Transreal_ : [part 1] [_Augmentology.com_]
dj lotu5 on Wed, 29 Jul 2009 03:07:45 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> _I Am Transreal_ : [part 1] [_Augmentology.com_]

_I am Transreal_: A Reflection On/Of Becoming Dragon [Part 1]

[complete version with video and links here:]

I am transreal. Look at me. When you do, a million iridescent scales
across my dragon hide flick, move and align to create a multiplicity of
perceptions, transversal illusions and realities cutting through each
other, intersecting, dancing. Look at me. You see a shimmering of my
fantasies and yours, a convergence of your minute sensory events, your
imaginary constructs and my desires. Look at me. The mythopoetic
elements of your reality and mine come into contact, unwind and become a
recombinant event of male and female and something else, something more,
for just an instant. Perhaps after that initial instant, one of your
myths takes over your perception and you decide that you understand, but
before that, I instill confusion and doubt. I can see it on your face.

I am becoming mythopoetic, a shapeshifting creature of legend, a dragon.
Standing here, on the border, the sunlight through the clouds defeating
the fence, I am transreal, between realities, moving through layers of
the symbolic, the imaginary and the real, simultaneously quivering,
swapping out and swapping back in, too fast to find the border between
them. I am existing between my fantasies and desires, which are driving
the changing form of my body, and the moment of perception in which you
see me and call me maam, sir, dude, miss, or avoid choosing a category.
Speaking, being with different people throughout the day, my body and
name changes, my realness or unrealness oscillates. You see me standing
here, but really, you see my avatar, my body, which is under
construction. We bring our illusions together. You see soft skin. I see
the pills and the bloody razor that made it soft, making me feel
happier, more feminine. You see scales, I see textured prims and their
glow values.

A dark moment in the street at night, your illusions of masculinity
swirl up against the confusion I install in you, and you attack. My
reality becomes a blur, a flurry of motion, and a sharp chemical
emotional reaction, as I strike back with pressurized chemical weapons.
Yet even in that moment, I am transreal, between my reality and yours,
only finding a hard fissure between the two.

In bed with my lover, we are transreal, deep in our illusions of each
other, feeling our very real emotions for each other, between bodies,
looking into her eyes, slipping out of myself and my concerns and out
into the bright nebula of pleasure.

blog: http://transreal.org

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