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<nettime> Copenhagen Centre for Contemporary Art pulls out of Climate Ch
John Jordan on Thu, 8 Oct 2009 13:07:10 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Copenhagen Centre for Contemporary Art pulls out of Climate Change commission: Art activists urgently looking for new host and space.

Dear friends

In July this year, The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, a  
UK based art activists?? collective (www.labofii.net) was  
commissioned by the Copenhagen Centre for Contemporary Art  
( www.kunsthallennikolaj.dk/en/ ) to make a new piece of work for  
Rethink, (www.rethinkclimate.org ) an exhibition of ?political? art  
during the December UN climate change summit. Last week the gallery  
pulled out claiming it could no longer continue to support the  
project for ?practical reasons?.  In fact they were frightened that  
the project involved non-violent civil disobedience and that this  
might be disapproved of by their funders. We feel that the December?s  
mobilisations in Copenhagen are a landmark in history, where trying  
to ?play safe? is not a luxury we can afford. This was a political  
pulling out not a practical issue. We are writing to ask for your  
support so that despite the obstacles of cowardice the project can  
still go ahead.

The project Putting the fun between your legs: The Bike Bloc, is a  
collaboration between The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination  
and the UK Climate Camp (www.climatecamp.org.uk). The idea is to  
design and build a new tool of creative resistance for the RECLAIM  
POWER mobilisations taking place in Copenhagen on the 16th of   
December 16th, a day of civil disobedience supported by over 200  
organisations many from the global south.( www.climate-justice- 
action.org ). Made from hundreds of recycled bikes, The Bike Bloc  
will merge device of mass transportation and pedal powered resistance  
machine, postcapitalist bike gang and art bike carnival.

Bike hackers, artists, welders, climate campers and engineers will be  
working together to design and build The Bike Bloc across two cities:  
Bristol (Arnolfini Gallery 15th ? 30th Nov, ? as part of C-words  
exhibition - www.arnolfini.org.uk and somewhere in Copenhagen (4th-  
18th  Dec.) The trouble is we no longer have a space or support  
resources in Copenhagen, which with only 8 weeks to go puts us under  
immense pressure.

If you have any idea of places, organisations, or, of collectives  
that would be interested in hosting this project, and are prepared to  
walk the talk, or would like to be involved please contact us as soon  
as possible.

John Jordan and Isa Fremeaux

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