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Re: <nettime> Twitter revolutionaries, unmade in the USA
John Young on Sun, 11 Oct 2009 21:53:26 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Twitter revolutionaries, unmade in the USA

While it is commonplace to charge that freedom fighters have been
traced by the technology used to communicate, it is far more likely
they are identified by spies placed among the fighters and then
conceal the technology tracking used in order to conceal the inside

The lying about where spying fruit has been harvested has been the
practice since spying was invented. There have been spying-deception
technologies invented for this very purpose, particularly in the
comsec branch such as encryption and "secret writing."

Protection of spying means and methods, and concomitant diverting
cover stories, is the premier spying means and methods.

It is fairly common to have cover stories based on technology fall
apart under scrutiny in court, then the government declares state or
national security pre-empts further challenge.

Not to say the practice isn't effective, victims have be tortured,
gulaged and excecuted on the basis of fabricated evidence allegedly
derived from the day's credible "discovery" of irrefutable violations,
from letters, to bank account sudden growth, to overheard talk in
prison cells, from intercepts of radio, telephone and telegraph, to
the current wild tales of lost official laptops, to leaky cellphones,
to chat and the Internet haplessly employed by all-too-smart dumbasses
begging for attention.

A worldwide lucractive official racket against child porn is currently
based entirely on the method. As if the Internet was invented to give
dumbass cops playing lechers noble work.

Not to be believed, at least not above consideration that your fellow
freedom fighter or child porn lover or comsec advisor or ISP had a
contract for covert services or had been turned by threats.

This machiavellianism comes from the bible of that name, and its
lesser known, deep secret, "irrefutable" sources.

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