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<nettime> Call out - The London Free University
gavin on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 17:23:36 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Call out - The London Free University

The London Free University

We believe there can be no right to annex thought and learning, to 
erect concrete buildings in which to lock up knowledge.  

Their universities create obedience, uniformity of thought and 
docility. Beyond their gates is our intellectual freedom - within 
them are the resources we need. Until these gates are opened for 
all we shall remain alienated from each other and from our futures. 
We want to question access to knowledge, the uniformity of success 
and production, and to experiment with alternatives and the 
redistribution of knowledge. We invite you to cross these borders 
and see where we can go with the freedoms we create for ourselves.

We're starting by doing, by learning how to hack, pirate and 
redistribute knowledge whilst building alternatives. Join us in 
this exciting new project and come to a planning meeting at LARC, 
21st October, 6pm.

If education is not a commodity then can it be stolen?

thelondonfreeuniversity {AT} gmail.com

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