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<nettime> new issue of chto delat "#02- 26: Another commons: living / kn
dmitry vilensky on Thu, 29 Oct 2009 03:54:52 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> new issue of chto delat "#02- 26: Another commons: living / knowledge / acton" and film "2+2. Practicing Godard" is on line

First of all must say that we follow the situation in Austria and feel
proud, inspired and jealous!

that's is about knowledge production and its discontent

and I dare to bother you with more gloomy things - we have published a while
ago an issue "#02- 26: Another commons: living / knowledge / act" on recent
repressions and "knowledge production" in Russia :)) and only now finished
publishing it on line - the collection of text you can find here -


pay attention to Penzin article Alexei Penzin /// Under
is a core article of the issue

also these publication related to a new film *"2+2. Practicing Godard"* and
access to the film you better find here on our blog - because it in two


- it is very funny movie on very dramatic situationand - mixture of fiction
- reenactment of Godard 1+1 and real documentation about police raid on art

as ever - very appreciate your critique, comments and distribution

my best


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