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International Press Release ? Austrian Students Squat Universities!*
*Austrian students squat universities! Mass-demonstrations and broad
solidarity throughout the country. Throughout the last years studying
conditions at Austrian universities have dramatically declined. The
introduction of tuition fees, a massive cutback of democratic structures and
the lack of course availability are only some examples for that

*Statement by the students of the University of Vienna, occupying the
*Education, not qualification! - We want education for all, to strive for a
reasonable society, not just qualification according to economic
profitability! Our aim is to enable all students to study independently and
self-organized. We are against restrictive curricula. Therefore we demand a
thorough transformation of the BA-MA-architecture**.[...]

**Parts of the University of Vienna occupied *
*After a manifestation of students against the Bologna Process and in
solidarity with the squating of the Academy of Fine Arts two days ago, parts
of the University of Vienna have been occupied spontaneously.*[...]

*The glass walls of passivity, separating us from one another, can only be
shattered with revolt. We are occupying a second building on the Santa Cruz
campus of the University of California because we have answered the call of
the first to occupy everything.*[...]

*Communiqu? from an Absent Future: On the Terminus of Student Life *
We live as a dead civilization. We can no longer imagine the good life
except as a series of spectacles preselected for our bemusement: a
shimmering menu of illusions. Both the full-filled life and our own
imaginations have been systematically replaced by a set of images more
lavish and inhumane than anything we ourselves would conceive, and equally
beyond reach. *No one believes in such outcomes anymore.*[...]
We Are Your Crisis! Occupy California*
We are occupying this building at the University of California, Santa Cruz,
because the current situation has become untenable. Across the state, people
are losing their jobs and getting evicted, while social services are
slashed. California?s leaders from state officials to university presidents
have demonstrated how they will deal with this crisis: everything and
everyone is subordinated to the budget.[...]

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