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Re: <nettime> Google officially released the open source code for its Ch
Flick Harrison on Wed, 25 Nov 2009 23:46:05 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Google officially released the open source code for its Chrome OS, an operating system

Sinister motives are nerve-wracking enough - the push to eliminate  
private hard drive space has similar terror to the slow move away from  
paper currency.

How can you buy pot with a bank card?!

But I think it's important to separate security, privacy, and  
competence, three issues that are extremely troubling.

Security and privacy have been discussed - but competence is not  
something I want to leave to the cloud.  Yes, they manage a server for  
a living, and a good living it is.  But My Desktop is My Castle means  
more than that - it means if my personal photos, life's work, etc is  
TO MY MOTHER for safekeeping.

Is there a single person at google who gives a crap about my data  
getting wiped?  Would someone skip their kids' birthday party, or step  
back into a burning office at 1 Infinite Loop to rescue my childhood  
super-8 films?

At least I'd have those choices.

"We're sorry, that user ID and password do not match any accounts in  
our records.  If you think this is an error, please email 
1000000_complaints_per_day {AT} gmail.com "

I find it hassle enough, as a busy, lazy guy, to back up mailboxes in  
OSX Mail: finding the folder in Finder and duplicating it, instead of  
their old method of dragging the mailbox out of Mail and wherever you  
want it.  Backing up Gmail without an actual OS on my end seems like  
considerably more trouble than that.

Remember Killed by Google:



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