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<nettime> Italy The return of the Wave- 17th november
claudia bernardi on Mon, 30 Nov 2009 05:30:54 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Italy The return of the Wave- 17th november


*News from EUniriot*

During the global week of action and the demonstration for the international
day of education, hundred thousands students and researchers took the
streets all over Italy. The *flash mob actions and demonstrations*, that
started from universities and high schools, were against the crisis and the
reform of education, and shouted solidarity with protests and occupation in
Europe and U.S., above all in Austria and Germany where a new cycle of
struggles is raising.

In Italy the* latest reform*, proposed by the minister of Berlusconi's
government Maria Stella Gelmini, is the latest attack to public university
with the raising of tuition fees and budget cuts. Infact, as in other
european countries, cuts are very heavy: that's why Financial minister plays
a central role in the education reform.

This law preserve and reinforce the power position of academy corporation
that centralize power in the rector's hand, making possible the entrance of
private companies in the administration councils of universities without
holding them to continuity or equality of investments. This way, life of
students and researchers  becomes more and more precarious.

In *Rome*, hundreds of students after an assembly in the college of liberal
arts made a demonstration inside all the colleges of la Sapienza university
and went out in the streets with the high school' students blocking the

In *Bologna* hundreds of students and teachers took the streets shouting "
Cuts kill! - Money and income for a living school". During the evening a
school has been occupied.

In *Palermo*, students of the Anomalous Wave occupied the regional office of
public education and a high school, hundreds of students are organizing
debates, concerts and seminars.

In *Milan*, students have been charged by police, four of them have been
stopped and two arrested, even if now they are free. People outside the
Court were shouting Italy is not Prague 1939, Europe is not Iran! Is Italy

In *Padova* hundreds of students blocked the city traffic, the same happened
in *Naples*, in *Turin* actions and blocks paralized the city.

The Wave frightens again: it's only the beginning of a long struggle of
students who produce living knowledge, cooperating and fighting inside and
against University!


Reclaim (y)our education, (y)our brain, (y)our body!

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