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<nettime> Seppukoo keeps challenging Facebook and starts the DIY suicida
Dedalus on Fri, 18 Dec 2009 15:21:02 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Seppukoo keeps challenging Facebook and starts the DIY suicidal campaign

"There's no life where there's no death" - Les Liens Invisibles

Les Liens Invisibles wants to inform everyone that on Dec. 16th, Facebook
inc., after it has blocked any attempt of seppukoo from this website and
has blocked/deleted all seppukoo.com information into the whole facebook
network, has now threatened legal action against us in order to stop the
suicide pandemic.

Curiously, Facebook lawyers appeal to the user right to privacy to
annihilate our facebook unsubscribe service. 

The Seppukoo.com staff rejects every false pretence about phishing or
malitious use of personal datas and pubblically invites Facebook's
developers to meet us and see in first person what kind of informations we
save and how we care of them.

While we are considering all the possibilities to come back ASAP, we are
proud to announce our brand new DIY suicidal campaign: spread our video all
over the net against the censorship attempts!

Thanks to all the people who are supporting us in this moment.

Les Liens Invisibles


> http://www.seppukoo.com

Seppukoo Chronicles
> http://blog.seppukoo.com/chronicles/

Seppukoo DIY screencast
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlJP0koG5Ag 

"Ci sono cretini che hanno visto la Madonna e ci sono cretini che non
hanno visto la Madonna.
Io sono un cretino che la Madonna non l'ha vista mai.
Tutto consiste in questo, vedere la Madonna o non vederla."

email: dedalus at autistici.org

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