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*Occupation at CSU Fullerton*

FULLERTON, California ? As of 3AM, CSU Fullerton?s 8-story Humanities
building has been barricaded from the inside by some fairly heavy materials.
Their communique below. Why Occupy? And Why the Humanities Building?
(Updates Follow)[...]

*Sussex Students Occupy Vice Chancellor's Office Against Cuts*
Students have barricaded themselves inside the management offices at Sussex
University. They are protesting against the Vice Chancellor?s plans to make
115 staff redundant.[...]

*UC Berkeley Students Protest Racist Acts
*UC Berkeley became the scene of yet another protest Monday when a group of
students and supporters staged a ?Blackout 2010? blockade of Sather

*UC Irvine PROTEST: 17 Arrested        *
Seventeen UC Irvine activists were arrested after carrying out an
impassioned sit-in outside the school chancellor's office this morning.[...]

*Berkeley, CA ? Durant Hall is occupied*
Berkeley, CA ? Durant Hall (next to Wheeler Hall) is occupied. Hundreds have
stormed this building (that is being renovated).[...]

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