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Re: <nettime> Internet for Democracy. Shut down the Euro Parliament. Now
Flick Harrison on Thu, 11 Mar 2010 17:46:53 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Internet for Democracy. Shut down the Euro Parliament. Now!

 From my unpublished novel,

Home is in the Hard Drive.  (publish it, someone!)

"The other students scurried out behind Mikil, looking for a private  
place to jack into the nets.  Time to start speculating, sharing info,  
looking for the openings.
A blow against nature.  It sounded epic.  Mikil overheard the  
snippets, guesses.  "...tighter lunar orbit...  raise the arctic ice  
with helium balloons...  tinfoil flakes across the New Sahara..."

The Imps -- Imperial Security spooks -- would be listening in, auto- 
scanning for keywords and data points on all the phone calls in the  
world.  They'd collate and extrapolate, the Government 2.3 software  
would interpret and group the ideas and hopes, then someone behind  
closed doors would decide what to do.  According to Empire's  
advertising, it was the ultimate expression of what Rousseau used to  
call the General Will, that is, what the population actually wanted --  
as opposed to what they might think they wanted.  There was no need,  
Empire declared, for clumsy tools like elections.

The bright, cold hallway bustled with hurrying students.  Most of them  
wore Egyptian-god holosuits.  Sekmet, the lion-headed goddess with a  
glorious, golden halo, whispered into her wristwatch with feline  
lips.  Her hair, also golden, fluttered across naked breasts.  When  
she caught Mikil looking at her, she snarled and hurried ahead of him,  
cupping one hand over her mouth to conceal her precious ideas."

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