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Re: <nettime> fun with ACTA astrohoovering (was Re: Internet for Democra
jamie king on Fri, 12 Mar 2010 11:25:46 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> fun with ACTA astrohoovering (was Re: Internet for Democracy. Shut down the Euro Parliament. Now!)

... or it could an arrrrrrt project :)

Just saying... being a bit jealous of Ted's sleuthing (seriously, why
do I never think of doing things like this instead of -- for example
-- getting worked up over Facebook 'status'* updates?) I thought I'd
have a trawl through my inbox for instances of 'notworking', just in
case it had encountered the device in other contexts.

Only two such contexts resulted. One is really more of an academic
pun and I won't bother you with it. The other turned out to be more
apropos and it's reproduced below, with header intact.

I also appended the artist's bio, received in another mail a while
back, because it seemed pertinent. The "concerns" and "themes" are
just too closely matched, I thought, to our putative astrohoovering
project Interest piqued, I even compared the whois on the artist's
site in-vacua.com with those presented by Ted. But Drat! Nothing

.... But the fact is that you only need to load this putative petition
site 'RepetitionR; to see it's 'kindly supported by Arnolfini'

I _cannot believe_ you didn't notice that Ted! I out arrrrrrtist Wayne
Clements as the perpetrator of this fraud. I also call bullshit on
your rat-smelling and 'Demand' that you -- and probably all Nettime
Moderators -- are in on it!

All your arrrrrtists are in it together and you must be stopped. I
blame the gallery system, Say no to Arrrrrt.

Etc. etc.,


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: geoff cox <gcox {AT} plymouth.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, May 1, 2008 at 12:01 AM
Subject: antisocial notworking
To: Geoff Cox <geoff.cox {AT} plymouth.ac.uk>


'antisocial notworking' is a repository of projects that explore the
pseudo-agency of online social platforms. The concern is how the
Internet is increasingly charactised as a 'platform' (or collective
machine) for 'social' uses, but to question what is meant by the terms
in such descriptions. Although social networking platforms rely on
user-generated content, what is the nature of this participation? What
alternatives (or antitheses) can be identified?

We are looking to add examples of existing and new projects to our
'antisocial notworking' repository that address these themes in
uncompromising ways. To submit a project, go to:

The project is launched with a selection of existing projects,
including: Wayne Clements's 'logo_wiki' (2007); Linda Hilfling's
'Participation 0.0 - Part I' (2007); Ubermorgen.com, Alessandro
Ludovico, Paolo Cirio's 'Google Will Eat Itself' (2005) & 'Amazon
Noir' (2006).

Also featured is Rui Guerra's 'www_hack' (2008), a script installed on
the host site allowing all visitors to a single page to observe each
others mouse movements and to reflect on the server-client

'antisocial notworking' is launched on 1st May at Futuresonic 2008:
Urban Festival of Art, Music & Ideas, Manchester, UK.

Some notes on the project are here:

The projects and other online resources are available as part of the
subdomain 'project.arnolfini' - an online experimental production and
management system:

Wayne CLEMENTS is a visual artist and a writer. His artworks have been
shown in many festivals and exhibitions of electronic art. un_wiki
received the Award of Distinction, Net Vision, Prix Ars Electronica
(2006), and was shown in Connecting Worlds, ICC Gallery Tokyo (2006),
in a specially commissioned Japanese language version. His artworks
have been shown recently in Madrid, Barcelona, and Athens; notably
also in Valencia where logo_wiki was part of the curated presentation
antisocial notworking.

Wayne is a Research Fellow at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 7:58 AM, t byfield <tbyfield {AT} panix.com> wrote:
> richard.deboer {AT} xs4all.nl (Wed 03/10/10 at 06:19 PM +0100):
>> NotWorking Youth declaimed:
>> > With this petition, we are demanding the European Parliament:
>> >
>> >     * Desists, with immediate effect, from all its activities.
>> > We don't want to continue paying the bill of an expensive and
>> > bureaucratic machine for something we can do better ourselves from
>> > the comfort of our armchairs.
>  <...>
> You're far too kind. "Notworking Youth's" timing couldn't be better:
> they denounced the EP right before it voted against ACTA 663-13 -- and
> NWY did so as "digital natives [and] web-enthusiasts" (WTF?), purportedly
> in the name of (this is really priceless) "a brand new click-based
> model of democracy." If NWY had their way, their new democracy would be
> subject to a EULA under ACTA.


* (p.s. I really don't want to bring up Facebook but it was only just
now that I observed the resonance between 'status' as in 'status
symbol' and 'status' as in 'status update'.)

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