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marc garrett on Sun, 11 Apr 2010 18:46:06 +0200 (CEST)

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Furtherfield.org has always felt proud to be working with people who 
dare to explore beyond traditional remits at the intersections of art, 
technology and social change; whether writing about it, making it or 
curating it.

The array of artworks, activities and outlooks that make up this 
community is not only diverse, it is always immediate and present, alive 
and kicking. We are not yet jaded by the opportunities the Internet 
provides to own, shape and exchange our own cultural production and 
celebrate the varied and talented individuals and groups who share with 
us, this ever expansive and dynamic culture. So, we thought it worth 
reminding you how alive things really are, by inviting you to revisit 
the reviews/articles/interviews which have been published on the 
Furtherfield.org website since the end of January this year, 2010.

Below is a selection of those reviews...

Decode: Digital Design Sensations at V&A.
Rob Myers reviews the Victoria and Albert Museum's exhibition
Decode: Digital Design Sensations. Framed as a digital design
show, but it's a landmark survey of art computing in all but name.

SMartCAMP: The Arts on the Social Web. Review by Angela Ferraiolo.
Part of New York's Art Week, SMartCAMP, or social media art camp,
took place on March 5th and 6th, at the Roger Smith Hotel in
New York, a slightly unusual kind of place in that it's a hotel
with its own production company.

An Interview with Chris Dooks. Interview by Marc Garrett.
A 'Polymath' exploring various creative avenues, making his art
using different media. Whether it be directing arts-based TV
documentaries, explorative psychogeographical projects, design,
composing and making music or audio visual installations.

F.A.T Lab at Transmediale.10.
Article/interview by Marcello Lussana and Gaia Novati.
F.A.T Lab (Free Art and Technology Lab) were found causing
trouble at the Transmediale.10 this year. Marcello Lussana and
Gaia Novati were intrigued to find out what all the fuss was
about - some observations and an interview.

HTML Color Codes. Review by Susan Ballard.
The Internet exhibition features a selection of internet based
artwork that address the topic of digital color. The central
question that the exhibition poses is whether or not artists
working with the internet are in fact limited to a "ready-made"
color palette, a premise that many artists working with film,
photography, and mass produced, standardized paint sets have

Transmediale.10 - Futurity Now!
A collaborative review by Marcello Lussana and Gaia Novati.
This year's edition of Transmediale explores the theme futurity
now through connections between arts and technology. Marcello
Lussana and Gaia Novati take us through some of the highlights
of the exhibition, conference programme and satellite events.

Digital Pioneers. Review by Rob Myers.
At the V & A Museum, An overview of the first decades of the
computer's history in art and design. including some of the
earliest computer-generated works in the V&A's collections,
many of which have never been exhibited in the UK before.

If not you not me. Article by Ruth Catlow.
This essay accompanies If not you not me, an exhibition of
networked performance art by Annie Abrahams. While social
networking sites make us think of communication as clean and
transparent, Abrahams creates an Internet of feeling - of
agitation, collusion, ardour and apprehension.

Mark Napier's Venus 2.0. Review by Angela Ferraiolo.
Venus 2.0 consists of software written by the artist that
collects images of the body parts of Pamela Anderson, an
erotic icon of our time, from the hundreds of pictures of
her available on the Internet and recreates a mobile,
three-dimensional figure out of these flat, fragmentary pictures.

Representing Labor: Ten Thousand Cents and Amazon's Mechanical Turk.
Review by Madeleine Clare Elish.
Madeleine offers here a review of Ten Thousand Cents, a
project by artists Aaron Koblin and Takashi Kawashima.
Although she acknowledges the beauty of the project
Madeleine points to its conceptual ambivalence.

Link to all reviews & interviews:

Furtherfield.org believes that through creative and critical engagement 
with practices in art and technology, people are inspired and enabled to 
become active co-creators of their cultures and societies.

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From: marc garrett <marc.garrett {AT} furtherfield.org>
Subject: Download Furtherfield's latest broadcast on Resonance FM, Tuesday
 6th April 2010.
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 12:21:15 +0100
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Sorry for any cross posting...

Download Furtherfield's latest broadcast on Resonance FM, Tuesday 6th 
April 2010.

A live, jam-packed, hour-long review of what's happening in contemporary 
media arts culture.

Marc Garrett and Charlotte Frost interview:
Danja Vasiliev, artist in Residence at Furtherfield.org's HTTP Gallery. 
London, UK.
James Wallbank and Steve Withington from Access Space, UK's first 'Free 
Media Lab'.

Other features include a music collaboration from 1975, with Laurie 
Anderson & Alan Sondheim, violin & mandolin. And other treasures, 
noise-collages, soundscapes and exploratory music...

More information on guests and broadcasts...

This programme is part of 'Hyperlink: Media Art Contexts' whose 
principal aim is to present and promote high-quality contemporary media 
art work, alongside critical discussion of past, present and future 
media art in a contemporary art context.

--------more info--------->

About Furtherfield.org
Furtherfield.org believes that through creative and critical engagement 
with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to
become active co-creators of their cultures and societies. 
Furtherfield.org provides platforms for creating, viewing, discussing 
and learning about experimental practices at the intersections of art, 
technology and social change. Furtherfield.org also runs HTTP Gallery in 
North London.


About Resonance 104.4FM
ResonanceFM is "a laboratory for experimentation, that by virtue of its 
uniqueness brings into being a new audience of listeners and creators.  
All this and more, Resonance104.4fm aims to make London's airwaves 
available to the widest possible range of practitioners of contemporary

Resonance 104.4FM

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