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**Bologna Calls Against Bologna

Connecting transnational struggles, building alternative universities:
Bologna transnational meeting on May 6 and 7 2010.[...]
*Madrid Countersummit Ended, The Struggle Goes On*
Many people were in the students countersummit in Madrid, working hard to
get things done these days. Now everything is over, but there are much
things to be done. This is a short chronicle of what happened in the last
*Students Announce Occupation at the University of Puerto Rico*
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico ??? Students in the Faculty of Humanities and the
Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
have announced their plans to occupy both faculties on April 12th.[...]

*Solidarity Appeal from Ukraine: Stop Repression of Student Trade
Union???  *


In solidarity with the students facing sanctions for recent political
activities at UC Berkeley in defense of public education in California. We
call for the UC Berkeley administration to drop all charges and disciplinary
actions against the students involved in the Architects and Engineering
building sit-in on November 18, 2009, the November 20, 2009 Wheeler protest,
those arrested in Wheeler Hall on the morning of December 11, 2009, and the
students facing sanctions for flyering on campus.[...]

*Britain: The Disgrace of the Universities*
British universities face a crisis of the mind and spirit. For thirty years,
Tory and Labour politicians, bureaucrats, and ???managers??? have hacked at the
traditional foundations of academic life. Unless policies and practices
change soon, the damage will be impossible to remedy.[...]


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