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<nettime> IThe ICorporate ITakeover Iof IPhilosophy
Alan Sondheim on Sat, 3 Jul 2010 08:52:00 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> IThe ICorporate ITakeover Iof IPhilosophy

IThe ICorporate ITakeover Iof IPhilosophy

IThe IWake IPhilosophical IConsequences Iof Ithe IFetishization Iof
Ithe IEgo IUnder ICapital

IThis Iis Ithe Ibeginning Iof Ithe IWake Iof Ithe IReal.
IThere Iis Ia Icertain Istyle Ito Iour Iworld.
IThe Iworld Ipresents Ia Icertain Istyle Ito Ius.
IOur Isenses Iconstruct Ia Icertain Istyle Ito Ithe Iworld.
IThe Istyle Iof Ithe Iworld Iis Ithe Iworld Iincomplete.
IInstrumentation Iextended Ithese Isenses.
IWe Idirectly Iobserve Ionly Ilimited Imodalities.
IThere Iare Imodalities Iinaccessible Iexcept Ithrough Iinstrumentation.
IInstrumentation Itransforms Ibandwidths Iof Imodalities.
IOur Isenses Ileave Ia Iwake Iin Ithe Iworld.
ICultures Iorient Iwakes.
IWakes Ipossess Iimpermeable Icores.
IThe Iorientation Iof Iwakes Iconstructs Imeaning.
IThe Iconstruct Iof Imeaning Ifounders Iand Iis Ifounded Ion Iabjection.
IAbjection Iis Ithe Iirresolute Ideconstruction Iof Ithe Ibody.
IThe Ibody Iis Ithe Isite Iof Ithe Iconstruct Iof Imeaning.
IMeaning Iand Ibody Iare Ia Imess.
IThe Iworld Iis Iconsistent.
IInconsistency Iis Ithe Iresult Iof Iover- Ior Ide-cathecting.
IOvercathecting Iimplies Ithe Ierror Iof Iinerrancy.
IDecathecting Iimplies Ithe Ifragility Iof Iinvested Idomains.
ICathecting Iwavers Ibetween Iovercathecting Iand Idecathecting
IDetermination Iwavers Ibetween Ioverdetermination Iand Iindeterminacy.
IScience Iis Ithe Iabsorption Iof Ianomaly Iby Iconstruct.
IConstruct Iand Imeaning Iare Iboot-strapped.
IBoot-strapping Ioccurs Ithroughout Ithe Iwake Iamong Isentient Ibeings.
INo Isentience, Ino Iwake.
IThe Iwake Iis Ialways Ialready Iunder Ierasure, Idisappearance.
IThe Ire-mark Iof Ithe Iwake Iis Ihistory;
  Ithe Imark Iof Ithe Iwake Iis Ideath.
IAlways Ia Imark, Inever Ia Idemarcation.
IInscription Idrowns Iand Icoalesces Iin Ithe Iwake.
IInscription Idwells Iin Isentience.
IThe Idisorders Iof Isentience, Iorders Iof Ithe Ireal.
IThe Idisorders Iof Ithe Ireal, Iorders Iof Isentience.
IInscription Iis Inever Iinscribed.
IThis Iis Ithe Iend Iof Ithe IWake Iof Ithe IReal.

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