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<nettime> D|N|A Symposium (Concordia University, May 13-15, 2011)
Matt Soar on Thu, 7 Oct 2010 10:18:16 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> D|N|A Symposium (Concordia University, May 13-15, 2011)

Dear nettimers,

I hope this event I'm co-organizing may be of interest to some of you.


Matt Soar

An International Symposium on Nonlinear Digital Storytelling
Revised CFP
Concordia University, Montréal (13-15 May 2011)

Marsha Kinder (Professor of Critical Studies, School of Cinematic
Arts, USC; Executive Director of The Labyrinth Project)
Katerina Cizek (Award-winning experimental documentarian; Filmmaker in
Residence, National Film Board of Canada)

With a nonlinear, interactive lecture by Florian Thalhofer (Berlin;
documentary filmmaker; inventor of the Korsakow System)

Confirmed participants: Hart Cohen (UWS), Adrian Miles (RMIT), Steve
Anderson (USC), David Clark (NSCAD), Tim Schwab (CINER-G), Elena
Razlogova (CINER-G), Jason Lewis (CINER-G, Obx Labs), Monika Kin
Gagnon (CINER-G, co-organizer), Matt Soar (CINER-G, co-organizer).

Reflecting recent developments in the theories and practices of new
media production, described variously as database documentary,
interactive narrative, and experimental archiving, D|N|A seeks to
highlight some of the most important issues and ideas currently
characterizing this emerging discourse - and perhaps constitutive of a
future, core set of properties or dynamics. (Contemporary works of
note that characterize some of these developments include: Planet
Galata; The Thousandth Tower; Gaza/Sderot; 7 Sons; St. Michael's
Hospital; The Whale Hunt; Folk Songs for the Five Points; Klatsassin;
Soft Cinema; Life after Wartime; Danube Exodus; Tulse Luper

This interdisciplinary symposium will bring together theorists,
scholars, artists, curators and programmers, currently working in
these and related areas for panel presentations, roundtables,
screenings, a Korsakow workshop, and an exhibition, in a three-day
event intended to foster discussions, creative exchange and debate. We
also aim to stimulate and provoke creative/productive community
engagements before, during, and after the symposium and will therefore
be involving individuals and organizations in several activities that
lead into the event and grow out of it.

As a guide, we welcome innovative and engaging proposals addressing
the following areas, but also invite other proposals of potential

- critical engagements with existing works and/or artists
- audiences as communities and vice versa
- theoretical engagements with authorship, interactivity, databases
and multimedia archives
- historical precursors (multi-screen cinema; choose your own adventure)
- genres of non-fiction media: archival, interview/oral history,
witness/testimonial/first person, ethnographic.
- critiques of commercial practices (eg Second Story; Terra Incognita)
- the potentials and limitations of specific authoring and delivery
platforms (eg Flash, Korsakow, HTML 5)
- visual aesthetics and electronic literature
- exhibition, distribution and alternative forms of circulation
- future potentials (mobile applications, haptic screens, voice- and
movement-activated interfaces, iPad, HTML5, expressive type)

Proposals (email only, with plaintext, Word, or PDF attachments only)
and expressions of interest should be sent to Matt Soar and Monika Kin
Gagnon at dnasymposium {AT} gmail.com  Please tell us in about 500 words
what ideas, research, and/or creative work you'd like to present at
the symposium, and bear in mind that we are especially interested in
finding ways to break out from traditional conference-style
presentations. Your proposal can be work in progress, but should be
sufficiently advanced by May 2011 to be presentable. Add a final
paragraph explaining who you are, what you do, and where we can
contact you. The revised deadline is December 15th, 2010.

D|N|A is being organized by CINER-G, the Concordia Interactive
Narrative Experimentation & Research Group, with support from the
FQRSC, Concordia University (VP Research & Graduate Studies), and the
Goethe Institute. For more information, updates and amendments to this
CFP, please visit: www.cinerg.ca

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