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<nettime> University is on a blind track!
claudia bernardi on Tue, 12 Oct 2010 18:52:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> University is on a blind track!


Today, in Rome, hundreds of students stopped for several minutes inside the
main station of the city,  reading books to symbolize the end of education
and culture: budget cuts, lack of quality, privatization and precarity lead
university on a blind track!

Rome- Termini station - 12 a.m.
Among thousands of travellers, at first a whistle, than a metallic voice
saying "Trenitalia informs travellers train of university is on a blind
track" [Trenitalia is the italian rail company]

Immediately hundreds of students sat down blocking part of the station.

All the students had a book to denounce budget cuts that are destroying
university and research. Flash mob was welcomed by all people at the station
that answered to students' claim with a long clapping.

Here is the flier shared during the flash mob:

*One destination: precarity.
We do not accept it! Today we are here because we want to choose between
several destinations and the only train we want to board: the one to take
back our future that they would steal from us! Tremonti and Gelmini
(Ministers of Finance and Education) are demolishing school, university and
research. They would see us going away, but we answer them that we stay
here, with our books, our dissent and our desire!

*Next stop: thursday 14th October
Let's besiege the Parliament during the discussion of Gelmini's law to
prevent its endorsement. *

In the last two months several demonstrations, occupation and actions are
spreading all over Italy as an answer to the reform that this week will be
discussed by the Parliament.
Researchers and teachers stopped lessons for two weeks, wide assemblies took
place in several italian universities and on 14th October students,
researchers, teachers and professors will besiege the Parliament during the
discussion of the education reform.

Then, on 16th October, students will demonstrates with other sectors of
society that are struggling against austerity: dismantling of welfare state,
destruction of research and education system, austerity measure that make us
paying the permanent crisis, unemployment, raising of debt, destruction of
workers right.

The union of the factory workers, after a huge attack lead by the government
and the italian industrial association, called for a national demo. At the
same time, students, precarious, migrants and researchers decided to take
the streets aiming to a huge and common space of struggle, whereas welfare
against austerity, funding against privatization, education against
ignorance are the only solution to fight crisis and restauration.

video and photos


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