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<nettime> OXCARS and FcForum are back
Simona Levi on Thu, 21 Oct 2010 16:07:17 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> OXCARS and FcForum are back

  video trailer:

*28-31 october 2010*

Yes, OXCARS (The biggest free/libre event ever) and International Forum on Access to 
Culture and Knowledge in the Digital Era -- Organization and Action (FCForum) are back!
* (Barcelona & online)*
Oxcars: 28 October, 21ºº h -- Sala Apolo, Nou de la Rambla, 113, Barcelona. Metro: Paral.lel
Fcforum: 28 -31 October, http://www.fcforum.net/10*

Artists from all the spheres of national and international culture participate in a full 
surprise gala for demanding that culture stop being a merchandise of the cultural 
industries lobbies. In the name of the "artists" they put obstacles on our access to  
knowledge even though artist don't support them. The civil society reclaim the lost profit 
to all knowledge that is being retained and steal from the public use in the name of  
private benefits. We don't want to nurture generations of cultural parasites, we want a 
cultural field, alive and productive.

Over 100 artists will contribute on this edition.

Tickets for the oxcars: Help bonus already on sale (3,55EUR)
  here; http://www.codetickets.com/sala-apolo/es/sala-apolo.com/566/  Or buy them at Calle 
Sant Pau 58 Bajos -- Barcelona -- Monday to Friday 10h to 14h and 17h to 20h -- Phone 

And, then...* The FCForum 2010*

Citizens will continue to work on the task of conceiving a digital era that is sustainable 
and benefits everybody. The oXcars will be followed by the 3-day FCForum, the 2nd  
International Forum on Access to Culture and Knowledge in the Digital Era, which is 
organised by EXGAE together with the international FCForum platform, in collaboration with 
Arts Santa Mònica.

The FCForum 2010 will assemble the main organisations and active voices in the world of 
Culture, free/libre knowledge and the new forms of cultural production and distribution..

The FCForum is a open space to all citizens, to everybody who is seriously working towards 
achieving a legal and economically sustainable future. For citizens and for artists. The 
SGAE has always refused to participate.

Check out the programe: http://2010.fcforum.net/program/

See you there!

How to join the Fcforum online?
OXCARS 2010: http://oxcars10.exgae.net/en/
FCForum 2010
: http://2010.fcforum.net/en
Contact: contact[a]exgae.net

Live streaming:
oXcars: http://oxcars10.exgae.net/en/live/
Fcforum: http://2010.fcforum.net/live/

Identi.ca at  {AT} fcforum
Twitter at  {AT} fcforum_net

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