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<nettime> sondheimogram x7 [ragtag, 911, sources, tornado, avatar, level
Alan Sondheim on Mon, 25 Oct 2010 14:17:09 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> sondheimogram x7 [ragtag, 911, sources, tornado, avatar, levels, games]

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Alan Sondheim <sondheim {AT} panix.com>

     'sources can be assumed by tracing trajectories back to origins.' 
     the avatar of light ascendent 
     - Levels of thought returning knowledge -

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Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 04:30:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim {AT} panix.com>
Subject: ragtag 

(please note, odyperform was taken down to make room on the server)


legions armed to the teeth emerge from the matrix
and they have no conscience and no wheres to go
they don't know anything they want to stay alive
they march in rag tag ways and means they leave

until the last microtome slice of tissue disappears
these things will be used and come to get you
they won't stay long they can't learn anything at all
try and teach them they leave but not before they slaughter

come and burn your eyes blind with what you have done
what you've done to everything on earth that still says no
they're deaf and gone they have their marching orders
you gave them that you gave the gift of birth

their lovely birth they've turned to stone survive
they cry their bitter tears won't take anything alive


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Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 03:08:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim {AT} panix.com>
Subject: 9/11 


this doesn't make sense, nothing happens, just brief moments,
almost expressions, in the middle of the air there is air,
in the middle of the ground there is nothing, quiescent dynamics,
above and below collapse into before and after, left and right,
up and down collapse into near and far, here and there, as in -
here and there, is nothing, beyond and before, is nothing,
  and as in
previous to, subsequent to, nothing, dynamics, in the silence
of dynamics, two people holding hands, there were, in the air,
  and as in
so little time to go


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Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 00:28:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim {AT} panix.com>
Subject: 'sources can be assumed by tracing trajectories back to origins.' 

'sources can be assumed by tracing trajectories back to origins.' *

a deity that demands belief is a circular logic fueled by power.
other than the social, there is no gain in believing in a deity.
the social demands an absolute directly, the deity by proxy.
the social constructs the horror of disbelief and negation.
to negate the deity is to negate the absolute.
to negate the absolute is to relegate oneself to the abject.
the abject transforms inherent value into disgust.
the disgusting is expelled.
the social erects expulsion and annihilation as divine command.
the social creates an absolute wall between belief and disbelief.

belief in a deity and belief in justice are inherently different.
the aegis of power entangles then as 1:0.
justice and laws are inherently different.
laws are constructed by the social under the aegis of divinity.
law is infinite and tends towards infinite closure.
justice has no origin.
justice is to law as 0:1.

it is the matter of belief which is a violation.
belief is always a violation and always a surplus.
it plays a role only as the foundation of inerrancy.
there is no other foundation of inerrancy.
belief and inerrancy are as 1:1.

a deity has an ineffable and numinous name.
the name of a deity is tricked.
the tricked name is not the name.
the name is the power of the name.
the tricked name is to language as 0:0.
language is the circumscription of the name of the deity.
speech is always a circumscription.
speech and writing are the violence of language.
language is inherently violent.
language is to the world as 1:0.
the ineffable name grinds the law.
the law is such because it is believed to be the law.
justice is such because it is believed to be nothing.

i will not murder: that is to the good.
i will not act against others; others will not act against me.
i will or will not believe: that is the horror of inerrancy.
inerrancy dictates the horror of belief.
inerrancy inheres to language; language inheres to inerrancy.
inerrancy trumps inerrancy; inerrancy trumps contradiction.
the language of inerrancy sutures subject and contradiction.
the language of inerrancy corrals neither x nor y.
the corral circumscribes divine power; the boundary is abject.
the abject boundary is therefore the most violent.
beyond the abject boundary daily life is grounded in language.
the language of daily life is  fundamentally one of dictation.
the source of dictation, of speech, is divine power.
the source of divine power is power.

power locates itself topographically.
topographically, not topologically: building, not dwelling.
the building is always a circumscription.
the wall of the building is all.


'sources can be assumed by tracing trajectories back to origins.'
the trajectories are permanently unknowable.
the trajectories are errant.
according to power, the trajectories are knowable and inerrant.
mathesis and data are absolute.
mathesis may be stochastic or classical.
heisenberg is the dispersion of power and not its ungrounding.
knowing within calculable tolerances is the divine totality.
knowledge is division within language, capital, absolute.
knowledge is .5:.5.

the assumption of sources is divine.

* http://www.alansondheim.org/anenomes.mov

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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 23:20:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim {AT} panix.com>
Subject: Tornado! 


http://www.alansondheim.org/tornado.mp4 Original in HD. There were tornado
warnings in Brooklyn around 5 this afternoon - rotating cells were seen on
radar. So it hit around 5:20 and I went outside and shot this two minutes
at the height of it. We went out tonight as well - there are trees and
branches down all over the place as well as crushed cars and stuff like
skylights and ventilators that blew off rooftops. The storm lasted maybe
three minutes. As far as I know we have no damage, but the place across
the street had aluminum siding torn off (you can see this in the video).
We still have to go onto our roof and check it out. I have a lot of very
clear stills as well, but this conveys what it felt like. The camera was
completely soaked but luckily still works!

- Alan. Then below, two very strange musics performed in and out of Second
Life yesterday -

music simultaneously performed in and out of SL, recorded by Fraps:


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Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 23:45:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim {AT} panix.com>
Subject: the avatar of light ascendent 

the avatar of light ascendent

dissolution of visual ontologies
what's left, but rays from one to another, one to one
software's accidents renewing wayward beauty

can you recognize beauty, nikuko
without form or substance, the dreaming of beauty

beauty dreams, what does beauty, dreaming
beauty dreaming of beauty, beauty  illuminated, silent,
slightly bored
tears and sighs of beauty, murmur of beauty dreaming
ennui of beauty, the cliffs

presence of software, always its absence
absence of software, always its presence

hir beauty from within, illumination
beauty is never without

beauty is never without, what, but the presence of darkness
but yes, the presence of darkness, presence of light

the canyons. look outside, julu, beauty is without
look inside, travis, distraught slaughter melds, fallow, away

hir rising, hir searching ascendent beneath the waves,
hir illumination

o how the earth-hearth shatters, that such light bursts forth
o jennifer, shafts and clouds of light

death, the dust, partners, particles, unimaginable seeings
death, the dust, time tangled in hir wayward lightening


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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 11:30:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim {AT} panix.com>
Subject: - Levels of thought returning knowledge -

- Levels of thought returning knowledge -

( Working through the visual/audio/new media work I create, in relation
to writing theory, description, explanation.)

- Levels of thought returning knowledge -

- Abstract mathematics, logic: theoretically exact structures undermined
from within. Independent of representation.

- Mathematical physics: structures aligned through taxonomy and experi-
mentation. Aligned representation.

- Interpretive gestures relating both to ordinary language, making sense
of the world in terms of lived phenomena. Local linguistic tropes.

- Philosophical constructs within the interstices of the above three,
positioning human consciousness and apperception within physical, psycho-
logical, and psychoanalytical models. Language within the humanities.

- Visual representations of the first two as models or guides to the third
and fourth. Separations of models and analogs, metaphors and metonymies on
a practical level.

- Visual constructions extending concepts of consciousness and perception
through illogical or surreal means.

- Revisioning worlds through mathematics, physics, and language, as
natural or unnatural kinds in possible universes.

- Anthropic principles described in terms of mathesis, physics, and the
neurophysiology of mind.

- Cultural productions, rites and rituals as superstructures unlinked to
physics and mathematics.

- Cultural productions loosely based on metaphoric interpretations of
physical and mathematical structures.

- Cultural productions researching the internal consciousness and phenom-
enology of formal mathematical and physical structures.

- Working within the last, producing experiences that require negotiation
of normative perception, involving 'Hamiltonians' for the appearances and
appetition of otherwise spatialities, causalities, temporalities.

- Constructing a psychoanalytics of rapprochement of practical and theor-
etical knowledge of the world.

- Constructing this psychoanalytics through experience of sensory modal-
ities beyond those of standard writing/inscription.

- Problematizing inscription itself as fundamental mode of being in the
body, the world, the symbolic.

- Finding means to take such experiences as given, for example, among
deliberately virtual worlds, and re-presenting them to others, in such a
manner that they return and enter into symbolic discourse.

- In other words creating discussion around experience that deepens our
understanding of the inherently alien (in the sense of everyday life)
nature of the world.

- So that one inhabits both more or less traditional lifeworlds, and
worlds within which traditional mathematico-logical constructs no longer
hold (dimensionalities, standard definitions of number, identity, duality,
entanglement, and so forth).

- Bringing or dragging, therefore, the self back into the most serious
game, that of the entanglement of existence and essence, entanglement of
epistemology and ontology, that deconstructs and circumvents all such
categories, without replacement.

- Therefore producing a weakened phenomenology of reception within a
knowing of the world, its social and cultural, its ecological manifesta-
tions, in such a manner that a priori ideological constructs and textual
inerrancies are circumvented as well.

- Returning always to the intertwined processes of knowledge and exper-
ience, experimentation that, in both immediacy and imminence may be cast
aside, such casting aside contributing to the weakened phenomenology, as
if phenomenology because phenomenology of the residue, weakened to degree
zero in anti-commutative algebras, truncated emissions for example, or the
shape-riding of spews, field fluxes, unlocalized transmissions to be sure,
unlocalized receptions as well.

- Never returning to 'the things themselves,' which have never existed,
except across surmountable surfaces, things are interruptions in flows,
slow decays, the displacement and circumambulation of slaughter.

- Marginalizing inscription under erasure and deconstruction, returning
philosophy to cosmology and localized ethico-cultural considerations.

- Opening the literary again to rhizomes within sensoria that have been

- Opening and reopening the social of media, the phenomenology of the
opening as well, charting the phenomenology, remaining always in a state
of withdrawal of participant-observation, never leaving the scene of the

- Marking and re-marking the erasure of all theoretical constructs, noting
carefully the life and lives of theories in relation to slaughter, death,
cultural reinterpretation, the culling of history, the negation-effects of
mathesis and ongoing mathematical-scientific exploration.

- Separating the doing of science from scientific structure, within an
ideality ultimately dictated by the cosmos, recognizing the absolute of
science, that it is not one among many discourses, but it is 'that'
discourse which continues a process of revelation, in spite of the
ideological-political processes that surround its activities.

- And again, never returning to 'the things themselves,' which are already
lost, dead through repetition, and dead.

- Levels of knowledge returning thought -

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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 02:08:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim {AT} panix.com>
Subject: games 


well, this idea came about with doubled avatars, one of whom is still
broken, unable to load hir clothing and accessories, and the other of whom
has already lost most of hir attributes; in any case, they interact with
each other in a clotted environment, starting out as swagger, then
gradually emerging their games into the environment, swirling through each
other (which ordinarily is not permitted in second life) as a result of
one or another's uncanny attachment to objects, the games based on back-
dreams of maenads for example, or live performances, these however created
while i ran back and forth among computers, orchestrating everything, as
if these avatars had lives of their own, philo thinks through materiality
as apart and i think of it as aperture


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