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<nettime> // Alexandru + Dana Ceausescu
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<nettime> // Alexandru + Dana Ceausescu

Dear Parasitical Neo-Securist Dictators, Alexandru and Dana Patatics Ceausescu 

An official complaint has been filed against both of you Neo-Securist Neo-Dictatorial MFZ
with the International Index on Censorship and when we visit Romania in 2 months we 
will expose your retrograde and degenerate program of clandestine censorship in the media.

Both of you have completely destroyed the Nettime forum
and turned it into your personal Neo-Securist Neo-Dictatorial playground,
with absolutely nothing but non-stop reclame for the archaic and mindless status quo.

Your draconian, clandestine program of censorship
is a cultural genocide and an affront to the entire community,
much like the Clandestine Communist Censorship ensured only 
mindless non-stop party reclame were permitted.

Both of you Neo-Securist Comunist Dictators resemble
the other senile Neo-Securist couple, the Ceausescu's:


The Revolution is coming dear Neo-Comunist Dictators.


\  0f0003.m2schinenkunSt

							           /      /
              							   \  9  \
 							           /      /

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